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I had an ok week. I ended up doing a lot of boring behind the scenes prep, but there is also some nice new quality of life. If you sync with the PTR, update will take a few minutes this week.

all misc this week

After a very long delay, I finally have shortcuts for seeking video back/forwards in the media viewer. New users will get ctrl+left/right to seek back 2.5 seconds or forwards 5 seconds. Existing users need to add their own--please check it under the 'media viewers - all' shortcut set. You can set whatever seek distance you like, and even set multiple with different distance jumps. Sorry for how long it took to get this in--I had to update my shortcut system first!

I did some behind the scenes tag work this week. The database can now handle larger 'tag as number' searches. Update will take a few minutes to load these bigger numbers into the fast search cache.

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