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- qol and misc:
- the network job status labels around waiting for 'subscription'/'download page'/'watcher' forced wait slots are reworded. now they just say a more plain 'waiting to work' with a time estimate, and if a job does not get a chance to work this check cycle, it says 'a different xxx got the chance to work' for a few seconds.
- if a network job does not get bandwidth on a check cycle, it now says 'a different network job got the bandwidth' for a few seconds
- when waiting on bandwidth or gallery work, network jobs should count down more smoothly, one second at a time, not skip a second so often
- network job widgets are now better about updating the layout of their two text labels. the status text on the left should take all the available pixels much better, sharing with the '64KB/s' speed text as it changes width and disappear
- added a new user-made darkmode QSS stylesheet called 'OledBlack' to default hydrus, try it out under _options->style_
- if the tag domain in a search page is other than 'all known tags', the 'selection tags' box, which limits itself to the current domain's tags, now explicitly labels itself with that domain
- consolidated and optimised the pre-work checks on all importers/downloaders in pages. pages with idling/finished/paused downloaders will consume just a little less CPU and need to talk to fewer important objects
- renamed the shortcut sets for viewer/preview media windows and clarified that they are mouse only for now. the new seek command works with these, but you'd have to map ctrl+right-click or something
- improved the system predicate unit tests to catch datatype problems like with last week's hotfix and system:time imported
- advanced archive/delete stuff: wrote up a neat idea I had about using local parents applied to the PTR to make fast multi-tag processing workflows here:
- .
- bug fixes:
- an important tag search bug is fixed. for some users, files that were imported before a service was added were not appearing in some of that service's search results, or their tag counts were not added in certain tag autocomplete results. this file miscount is fixed, and holes will be filled on database update. it should not take too long to fix, although different users will have different situations
- this bug was leading to artificially fast PTR processing speeds on some clients as their older files were being skipped. if you have used the client for a long time but only added the PTR recently, sorry if you notice it slow down! it is now working correct!

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