Anonymous Board owner 09/01/2021 (Wed) 21:54:05 Id: 4213b1 No.1132 del
- client api:
- OR predicates are now supported in the client api! Just nest within the tag list, and it'll bundle the nested list into an OR. there's an example in the client api help
- some permissions testing in file search is tightened up--now we have OR and system predicates, if you do not submit any regular positive tags, the search permissions have to be 'allow anything'
- fixed an issue where the client api would let you ask about sha256 hashes of incorrect length (and would ultimately make a master database id for these borked hashes, even the empty string!!). now the client api throws a 400
- fixed a bug in /manage_pages/get_pages where all pages were marked as 'selected'=true (issue #841)
- in the client api, if you use missing file_id(s) on a request for a file, thumbnail, metadata about a file, or when trying to add a files to a page, it now gives 404 correctly (rather than 500) (issue #961)
- added a section to the client api help on variable encoding, including an example of how to convert a python tag list to JSON+URL encoded string
- added new unit tests for OR pred parsing and the hash length check
- client api version is now 20

next week

Unfortunately, I did not spend time on notes parsing as I had planned. The people helping to run the github issue tracker pointed me to old bug reports that I had not been keeping track of, so I am going to spend a little time prioritising clearing out that queue (and generally trying to integrate important github issues into my weekly routine more, as I often have trouble naturally focusing on priorities). So, next week will likely be more like this!