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database repair

tl;dr: Boot checks are better, you don't have to do anything.

I have spent most of my 'cleanup' time this year breaking the client database into smaller modules. These modules are now responsible for their own repair (which happens on boot), and they do much of it in a neater automatic way, using the same set of definitions it uses to initialise on first start to check whether an existing database is missing anything now. Most of my old hardcoded 'oh, you are missing this table' code is now simplified and modularised, works more reliably, and will be much easier to maintain in future.

You may get a popup when you boot saying you are missing one or more indices. There are several legacy reasons why this might be the case, but most often it will be because you once recovered from former hard drive damage and a clone/recover was unable to rescue an index. Whatever the case, these can now be regenerated automatically (they store duplicated data, so can be regenerated 100%), so please let it run. You might even notice PTR processing working faster afterwards.

Many tables can also be regenerated, and some can be completely repopulated. It is now possible (though not a great idea!) to start a client without a client.caches.db or client.mappings.db file and have it recover to a bootable state. Error presentation around this is improved, with instructions on what to do next in the case of critical problems.

I will continue modularising more of the database and fleshing out this repair code to cover more of the schema!

full list

- misc:
- many of the simple system predicates (width, size, duration, etc..) now support the '≠' (not equal) operator! searches only support one of these at once for now (e.g. you can't say height != 640 AND height != 1080--it'll pick one of these pseudorandomly)
- the watcher page list right-click menu now has 'copy subjects', which copies the selected watchers' 'subject' texts to clipboard

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