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file modified dates

Many users have asked if the client can let you see and search by files' filesystem modified dates. This week does the first half of this. Files imported to hydrus will now know their modified date, display it in the information lines on a file's right-click menu, and let you sort thumbnails by it.

Files downloaded in hydrus will have the same modified date as their import time (this information is not preserved on websites), but any files you import from your hard drive with dates from 2003 or something should get that date.

Your existing files will not know their modified dates immediately, but a large maintenance job has been added to the file maintenance system to retroactively figure them out. This work will catch up in a few days to a few weeks, depending on the size of your collection. Modified dates are preserved through a hydrus import, so it should all work out correct. The only caveat to this is hydrus did not preserve modified date as of, I think, about four years ago. If you are a long time user, any files that were imported before then will likely have modified dates equal to their hydrus import dates.

I hope to add system:modified date next week, to work exactly like system:time imported.

the rest

You can now sort your tags lexicographically while ignoring namespace. This makes 'series:metroid' sort before 'character:samus aran' because 'metroid' < 'samus aran'.

I split up the repository download/process code components a bit this week. It doesn't make a huge difference, but now there is a 'download now' button on the review services panel that lets you get a metadata sync immediately rather than having to wait for the background daemon to do it. The split should improve some locking/delaying issues some users had, particularly with the initial sync.

The Linux build has a much newer version of OpenCV. Let me know if your images load quicker/more reliably!

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