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- file maintenance:
- the file maintenance manager now works continuously in the background, optionally in both idle and active time, with two different throttles, which are now always active
- as usual, the default throttles are low-load (1 heavy job every 2 (idle) or 20 (normal) seconds), so as not to interfere with your browsing or other programs--feel free to speed them up as you wish
- the options for file maintenance under 'maintenance and processing' are updated, and quick-pause actions are now available under database->maintain->file maintenance
- the file maintenance manager no longer works on shutdown
- the file maintenance manager will now only make a popup if it is started by the user--it otherwise now works silently in the background
- the file maintenance manager now weights its jobs, so quick jobs will run faster and heavy jobs will space out more. exact weights, if you are interested, are now under the 'see description' button on the maintenance panel
- file maintenance jobs now report to the debug file report mode
- improved some misc file maintenance code, particularly with how the panel talks to the manager
- media with new metadata will now refresh their thumbnails (for now, this means updating the has_audio icon)
- .
- modified timestamps:
- the client now records file modified timestamps of all file imports!
- on update, the retroactive population of this data for all existing local files will be scheduled on the file maintenance system, which has a new job type for this
- the modified time now appears on a file's information lines that present on a right-click

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