Anonymous Board owner 05/11/2022 (Wed) 22:22:06 Id: 804973 No.1282 del
- boring code cleanup:
- refactored the UI side of multiple local file services add/move commands. various functions to select, filter, and question the user on actions are now pulled to a separate simple module where other parts of the UI can also access them, and there is now just one isolated pipeline for file service add/move content updates.
- if a 'move' job is started without a source service and multiple services could apply, the main routine will now ask the user which to use using a selector that shows how many files each choice will affect
- also rewrote the add/move menu population code, fixed a couple little issues, and refactored it to a module the media viewer canvas can use
- wrote a new menu builder that can place a list of items either as a single item (if the list is length 1), or make a submenu if there are more. it drives the new add/move commands and now the behind the scenes of all other service-based menu population

next week

Next week is a cleanup week, so I will do some boring code cleanup and see if I can write some nice introductory help for the multiple local file services system. I have four more weeks before my vacation, so I am aiming to have the big work of multiple local file services finished by then.