Anonymous 10/02/2019 (Wed) 20:23:25 Id: b1e302 No.147 del
For the most part, the issue I had only happens after I have 50 days of uptime so I lump it into bullshit just building up till windows cant take it, and its not a blue screen, everything just freezes up and stops responding at all when this happens. the only common link between the two was hydrus being open and doing the repository so I figured mentioning it was better then not.

as for drivers... my nvidia ones are months/year or so old, with nvidia drivers i'm on a 'if its not broke don't fix it' due to how horribly that crap handled my monitor, kicking to a black screen 5-6 times a day, now don't get me wrong, scrubbing a video will throw system error more than most things I do amd or nvidia, but 6 times a day was just not acceptable so the first driver that solved the issue I go it and till something breaks in a way I can confirm its gpu related, i'll stay on it.

yea saw ya in hydrus discord so I figured it would be easier to get some help there,

image is my final numbers, those seem to be in line with what you think they should be or is there still some area to cut fat?

scrubbing video on my computer will sometimes cause the monitor to stop working, a monitor restart will fix the issue, but hydrus tossed these errors along with it so though I should report them.