Anonymous Board owner 10/06/2019 (Sun) 22:12:50 Id: 49f621 No.160 del
Thank you for this report. This is unusual. Can you try turning on help->debug->report modes->subprocess report mode and trying help->about again? This should dump a whole bunch of environment info. If you compare this between installs, are there any obvious differences?

Normally, it should not matter where the db folder is, since it is targeting install_dir/bin/ffmpeg, and I haven't seen problems here for Windows before, but obviously something odd is going on here.

Is there any chance that your client/OS has lots of threads/processes open? This specific WinError 6 can be due to too many processes being open and Windows not being able to open a new one. Could it be, say, that hydrus had reason to created hundreds of new video thumbnails recently? Or do a lot of background file maintenance?

I am updating my 371 FFMPEG about window error reporting to name the FFMPEG path, just so we can check this is pointing to the right location.