Anonymous 10/14/2019 (Mon) 06:30:37 Id: 2682d0 No.216 del
more or less goes like this, when i update the program, move the old database folder to a hdd as a mirror and install the new version, that way im never really going backwards to much.

however what i'm thinking is, if one of those files are dedicated specifically to the repository, and if shit hit the fan could be redownloaded, the need to have a running backup of that is far lesser, so instead of leaving it in the db, I symbolically link it to the db, this should have the program see the file and use it like it normally would, but on backup it would not transfer the file over, just the symbolic link, meaning that 18(nearly 19)gb can be cut from the backup cutting what gets backed up from 42gb down to 25

if client.mappings is just repository and not keeping a solid backup of this would be detrimental, i think symbolically linking it would be a good way to save on the versioned backup