Anonymous Board owner 10/16/2019 (Wed) 21:34:41 Id: 4fd51a No.222 del
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- petitions processing page:
- the selection taglist now displays the raw 'storage' tag view, before siblings are applied
- added a noneable spinctrl to control how many files are shown on a petition row double-click. it samples randomly and defaults to 256
- I think I fixed the issue where the petitions taglist sometimes hangs on to some old tags after a petition process event
- .
- the rest:
- you can now customise the animation scanbar height and nub width under options->media
- all users now see the number of open pages in the pages menu
- added approx total session 'weight' to the pages menu. this is an early test and will do more and update more frequently in future
- added add/remove tag to favourites to the taglist right-click menu
- collapsed the taglist right-click menu a little, as it was getting a bit tall
- added, a web browser archive/delete filter, to client api help
- added clipboard import/export buttons to the edit tag filter panel for the new favourites
- added 'open in a new page' to media viewer right-click menus, just to put the current single media in a new page
- fixed the url class edit panel not initialising with the new referral options correctly

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