Anonymous Board owner 10/19/2019 (Sat) 17:29:49 Id: 4fd51a No.229 del
Thanks, I will write this down. The new remove options are slightly hacked-in. My plan is to harmonise how the select and remove menus do their menu presentation and file-selection for actioning (the select menu does it cleverer atm), and then I can extend that one unified system to select files by mime.

For searching for unopenable files, would system:filetype work ok for that? It can be a pain checking all the boxes on that, but I'd like to do some work in the nearish future on having saved searches. It would be nice to have saved individual search predicates too, so you can quick-select things like 'has duration' or 'is a video with sound', or in your case, 'is one of x y z filetypes'.