Anonymous Board owner 10/23/2019 (Wed) 23:50:03 Id: 4fd51a No.234 del
Saving sort with searches is a great idea, thank you. I will add that to that job.

For the 'search unviewable files', perhaps I can hack that into the system:filetype edit panel as a quick-select button.

I think hydrus will likely have not imported the images, treating the various imports as 'failed'. Once you are sorted again, I think you'll be able to retry them with the appropriate 'try again'/'retry failures' button for your downloader/subscription. I am assuming this is a downloader, in which case hydrus perhaps downloaded the image ok to your system disk temp space, but then failed to copy into your hydrus drive.

The solution is to free up space. If you are very tight, try moving some 'fxx' folders from install_dir/db/client_files (or if you have moved this, elsewhere), and then boot the client. It'll moan about the missing folders on boot, and give you a dialog to relocate them.

The 'malformed' error is much more worrying, and needs to be addressed before you can use the client again. Please check 'install_dir/db/help my db is broke.txt' for a full guide to figuring this out. I am also happy to assist you further here or one-on-one on discord/email if you like.

Since it happened so close, it sounds like the malformed error is related to the full disk. I do not think the full disk caused it, as SQLite extremely hardened against software failure--every instance of 'malformed' I have seen so far has been due to hardware failure--but perhaps the full disk triggered an emergency OS routine to free up temp sectors, or allocate less reliable sectors, or perform a weird TRIM or something that caused the drive to have a problem.

The .txt will guide you to figuring out which of the four db files are bad, and how to do a clone to try to recover them. With luck, the lack of disk space issues caused just the final db page to not be written right on the attempt to allocate new physical blocks. Again, please let me know if you need any special help, and I'd like to know how you get on here regardless.