Anonymous Board owner 11/04/2019 (Mon) 02:16:44 Id: 8185d1 No.260 del
Yep, I am still here. >>259 is correct.

373 will be a special release that is taking more time. See the 'next week' section of the release post above. Once that is out, I'm back to normal weekly schedule.

I do short updates on my twitter here if you are interested in more frequent news:

It is mostly 'good day today chipping away at this big todo in front of me' at the moment. With luck and a couple of late nights, I should have a test release for advanced users out on the 6th, and a proper, bug-freer one (which if you are more new to the program, I recommend for you) out on the 13th.

8kun is trying to do their proper launch now. I expect the release on the 6th will be here, but if 8kun is stable and has a decent userbase again and /hydrus/ is migrated all correct by the 13th, I expect to move back.