Anonymous Board owner 06/24/2020 (Wed) 22:11:28 Id: c46e45 No.730 del
- the 'queue' list widget that has up/delete/down and add/edit buttons beside a list has nicer backend code and now initialises with its buttons correctly disabled due to no selection
- the similar 'add/edit/delete' list widget is updated to use the nicer backend
- some wx->Qt list hacks, which were themselves using borked old display-string-based indexing, are deleted
- the repository download/process daemon has been moved to the newer job scheduler. it should start up and close out on program exit a bit more neatly
- untangled some messy value-change radio button code in the shortcut edit panel
- updated the way page status text propagates up from the thumbnail grid to the main gui to Qt signals instead of the old inefficient pubsub
- all UI file hash clipboard copying code is now unified and improved
- added a new subscription file publish debug test to help->debug->gui
- refactored some client specific time delta rendering code out of core to client
- misc event cleanup code
- misc code style cleanup

next week

Next week is a small jobs week. I'll push like this week, just clearing out small items. I'd like to neaten shortcuts as well, dropping_the_long_command_names for a proper shortcut action object that'll be easier to work with in future and have a nice name. I didn't get to string parsing improvements this week, so I'll see if I can work on that as well.

The new Github Issues workflow we set up last week worked well, I think. The users managing it helped me focus on some nice issues, including a couple that had previously fallen to the back burner, and I was comfortable with the balance of my time on it. As a reminder, if you are comfortable with Github Issues, you can find it here: