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new client api applications

A user has been working hard at making a web browser for the client via the Client API, called Hydrus Web. It is now ready at ! If you have a bit of networking experience, please check it out - it allows you to browse your client on your phone!

Also Anime Boxes, a booru-browsing application, is adding Hydrus as an experimental browseable 'server' this week, also through the Client API. Check it out at !

I also updated the Client API help to talk more about HTTPS and connections across the internet, here:

full list

- client api:
- added Hydrus Web,, to the Client API page. It allows you to access your client from any web browser
- added Anime Boxes,, to the Client API page. This booru-browsing application can now browse hydrus!
- the /add_urls/add_url command's 'service_names_to_tags' parameter now correctly acts like 'additional' tags, and is no longer filtered by any tag import options that may apply. that old name still works, but the more specific synonym 'service_names_to_additional_tags' is now supported and recommended (issue #456)
- the /add_urls/add_url command now takes a 'filterable_tags' parameter, which will be merged with any parsed tags and will be filtered in the same per-service way according to the current tag import options.
- the client api help is updated to talk about this, and the client api version is now 14
- updated client api help to talk about http/https