Anonymous Board owner 09/16/2020 (Wed) 22:31:20 Id: cc303e No.799 del
- boring details:
- improved a pre-optimisation decision tool for tag search that consults the autocomplete cache for expected end counts in order to make a better decision. it now handles subtag searches and multiple namespace/subtag searches such as for wildcards
- wrote fast tag lookup tools for subtag and multiple namespace/subtag
- fixed some bad simple tag search optimisation code, which was doing things in the wrong order!
- optimised simple tag search optimisations when doing subtag searches
- polished simple tag search code a bit more
- added brief comments to all the new cross joins to reinforce their intention
- greatly simplified the multiple namespace/subtag search used by wildcards
- fixed and extended tag unit tests for blacklist, filterable, additional, service application, overwrite deleted filterable, and overwrite deleted additional
- added a unit test for tag whitelist
- extended the whole 'external tags' pipeline to discriminate between filterable and additional external tags, and cleaned up several parts of the related code
- moved the edit subscription panel asynchronous info fetch code to my new async job object
- cleaned up one last ugly 'fetch query log containers' async call in edit subscriptions panel
- moved the edit subscription(s) panels asynchronous log container code to my new async job object
- misc code cleanup

next week

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