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Qt Release Tomorrow! Anonymous Board owner 11/13/2019 (Wed) 08:11:44 Id: 2aeee8 [Preview] No. 269
I had a great and very busy four weeks. I appreciate everyone's patience.

The hydrus client is now switched over to a more stable and feature-rich Ui library, Qt. This is a big and important change behind the scenes, but the client looks and works essentially the same as before, though smoother and less flickery. The update process should be as normal--no special instructions. I also folded in a little normal work, including an important fix to the file maintenance system and some quality of life gui improvements.

The release is likely to be late tomorrow, as I want to do some more testing on my own system and with advanced users. I have a working macOS build, but it has some sizing/layout problems still to fix, so if I cannot nail them down, the macOS release will be delayed a week for 374.

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