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Version 377 Anonymous Board owner 12/11/2019 (Wed) 23:54:25 Id: 0cf677 [Preview] No. 426
https://youtube.com/watch?v=zXaFARzFG3c [Embed]
zip: https://github.com/hydrusnetwork/hydrus/releases/download/v377/Hydrus.Network.377.-.Windows.-.Extract.only.zip
exe: https://github.com/hydrusnetwork/hydrus/releases/download/v377/Hydrus.Network.377.-.Windows.-.Installer.exe
app: https://github.com/hydrusnetwork/hydrus/releases/download/v377/Hydrus.Network.377.-.macOS.-.App.dmg
tar.gz: https://github.com/hydrusnetwork/hydrus/releases/download/v377/Hydrus.Network.377.-.Linux.-.Executable.tar.gz
tar.gz: https://github.com/hydrusnetwork/hydrus/archive/v377.tar.gz

I had a good week. I mostly caught up with my smaller jobs queue, just pushing on work that had piled up.


Thank you for the continuing Qt bug reports. I fixed a variety of typo-broken buttons this week, mostly buried in less-used UI, and if you have set a browser launch path override in the options, hyperlinks across the program should obey that again. I also believe I fixed the annoying issue where media viewer hover windows that needed to shrink (because of switching to a new media that had fewer info lines or known urls) would linger too tall for one frame. EDIT: I'm still having slight hover window resize flicker in my IRL client when I keep my mouse over the top-right hover, I'll give it another go next week.

Furthermore, all non-menubar menus across the program now open on right-click release instead of press. This sounds trivial, but there was a mix of down/up click handling here, now unified, and some things like thumbnail and tag selection are handled more naturally in the initial click down. This also fixes an issue where users who had menu styles with no significant border were sometimes accidentally activating the first menu item on a slow click (the click down would show the menu, the click up would activate it).

Last week's support for styles and stylesheets for Qt seems to have gone well. There is more to do here, but this week brings better error handling for unusual situations, better 'we already have this set, no need to waste CPU re-applying it' detection, and fewer hacky colour overrides, so custom stylesheets should be able to colour regular panels without lots of unintended grey or white boxes.

the rest

The shortcut system should now be able to support any text key. This includes extended characters like ø or æ. If you need to apply a modifier to get these keys (e.g. ctrl+alt+e), these modifiers are likely to show up spuriously in the shortcut's label (e.g. ctrl+alt+æ), but everything should nonetheless line up in the program correctly. Let me know if you discover any new bugs here!

There are also some new shortcut commands this week, for the 'media viewer' set. They are 'pan_top/bottom/left/right_edge' and 'pan_horizonal/vertical_center'. They move the whole image around to edges, or center it again, and should be helpful if you often look at tall or wide comics at 100% zoom. There will be more to come here in coming weeks.

The work on making the UI smoother is also continuing. Session saving and a variety of 'media refresh' events that occur on file import or maintenance are now significantly faster and do the bulk of that work in the background. Users with very large sessions should experience less juddery behaviour during both idle and heavy work periods.

Anonymous Board owner 12/11/2019 (Wed) 23:56:48 Id: 0cf677 [Preview] No.427 del
full list

- qt:
- all non-menubar menus across the program now launch on click release. some previously launched on click press. a variety of related click event behaviour is cleaned up, particularly with thumbnail/tag selection on the click down. this also fixes some users' menus immediately activating the first entry on slow clicks in some ui styles
- I think I fixed the annoying single-frame delayed size-down resize on media viewer hover frames when changing media!
- the vast majority of old wx panel background colour hacks are removed, so custom stylesheets should now cover much more of the UI
- improved the new custom style and stylesheet setting, resetting, and error handling code, particularly for not re-applying the same style or stylesheet twice, and for handling un-re-settable styles (seems to be defaults initialised by third-party OS-wide Qt style) gracefully
- fixed hyperlinks not using the custom web browser launch path as set in the options
- fixed the 'migrate entire db' and 'set thumb location' buttons in the migrate database dialog
- fixed a typo bug when launching the url selection tree after adding an ipfs directory to download
- fixed two typo bugs when editing regex favourites and simple downloader formulae
- fixed an issue where custom shortcut sets could not be deleted
- fixed a typo in the edit account type panel
- fixed sorting the login listctrl when there are session logins mixed with non-session logins
- removed some old media viewer hover window display/raise hacks
- retired the 'always show hover windows' debug mode
- the media viewer will no longer perform any drag calculations on anything but left-click drag
- misc Qt code refactoring/cleanup
- .
- url searching:
- the database now stores 'known url' domain information more efficiently. it will take a few moments/minutes to reshape the db when updating
- system:known url's exact url search now runs extremely fast. this will only affect new predicates of this type, not those in existing sessions
- system:known url's domain search now runs much faster and matches subdomains of the given domain. this will only affect new predicates of this type, not those in existing sessions
- system:known url's url class search now runs much faster. this will only affect new predicates of this type, not those in existing sessions
- when entering a regex system:known url predicate, the dialog will now not OK (throwing up an error dialog) if the regex is invalid
- .
- the rest:
- the shortcut system now allows all text characters. if it has text, it should work, but it is the wild west in terms of modifier labelling. anything unusual on your keyboard like ctrl+alt+e to make æ will _display_ as ctrl+alt+æ, but the same key combination will match up in the program all correct
- added shortcut actions 'pan_top_edge', 'pan_bottom_edge', 'pan_left_edge', 'pan_right_edge' to the media viewer shortcut set that will move the current image so the respective edge is aligned with the larger canvas's
- added shortcut actions 'pan_horizontal_center' and 'pan_vertical_center' to do as above but center on that axis
- session save now hangs the UI significantly less, whether triggered by user command or auto-saving 'last session'
- saving of last/exit sessions on client close is a little faster

Anonymous Board owner 12/11/2019 (Wed) 23:57:53 Id: 0cf677 [Preview] No.428 del
- the call to refresh thumbnail file info (and redraw if needed) when a file is imported or has metadata-regenererating file maintenance done will now only call for files that are actually loaded, run faster per file, run faster when the client has large collections in its session, and not hang the ui thread when waiting for the new media info to arrive
- like regular popups, modal popups (like those created when big vacuum/analyze jobs jump in) will now only appear if the main gui or an on-parent child has OS focus
- the main gui/on-parent child OS focus test now includes misc child windows like the autocomplete results hover window
- network jobs that fail for one reason or another will now be more reliably cleaned up, and their connections returned to the connection pool. this may fix the 'too many open file handles' errors some users were seeing after long term unreliable network traffic
- fixed an issue where some thumbnails that were trashed or physically deleted were being removed from 'all known files' and file repository views when it was not appropriate
- connection and downloader retry time options now have a wider min/max range when in advanced mode, with an accompanying warning label for the connection panel
- checker options times now have a wider min/max range when in advanced mode, with an accompanying warning label
- cleaned up some shutdown reporting text
- misc debug improvements

next week

The holidays are coming up. As 379 would normally be due on Christmas Day, I will postpone that to New Year, which means next week's 378, on the 18th, will be the last release of the year. I am due for a 'cleanup' week, which will also make for a nice 'safe' release before the break. So I will clean up code, do some more Qt neatening, and otherwise catch up on smaller jobs like I did this week.

I never strictly marked down the day when I started working on hydrus, but December 14th, 2011, the date of the first non-experimental beta, has emerged as a decent birthday. This week marks eight years. It has been a lot of work and a lot of fun. There are a couple thousand things I would still like to do, so if I can, I would like to keep going as I have into the 2020s. I deeply appreciate all the feedback, help, and support over the years. Thank you!

If you would like to further support my work and are in a position to do so, my simple no-reward Patreon is here: https://www.patreon.com/hydrus_dev

Anonymous 12/13/2019 (Fri) 06:16:24 Id: e33947 [Preview] No.429 del
(36.81 KB 268x1342 Untitled.png)
two scrollbars

Anonymous 12/14/2019 (Sat) 08:47:23 Id: 080431 [Preview] No.430 del
>- fixed an issue where some thumbnails that were trashed or physically deleted were being removed from 'all known files' and file repository views when it was not appropriate

Huh, not sure if this is related but I was going to say that I was noticing things aren't being removed from view when I delete them even though I have this option enabled. Images will just have a trashcan and I have to refresh in order to remove them from view or manually right click and remove them.

Anonymous Board owner 12/14/2019 (Sat) 22:48:31 Id: d7cc6d [Preview] No.431 del
Thank you for this report. I'll check that out and see if I can set the sizers better.

And thank you for this report. I just got it from someone else as well. Was this from a regular search page or a downloader page?

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 10:14:24 Id: 080431 [Preview] No.434 del
>And thank you for this report. I just got it from someone else as well. Was this from a regular search page or a downloader page?

For me it was a downloader page, can't remember if it was also happening on a regular search page. Strangely enough, I'm not noticing it anymore today. Only thing different I did was starting a new gallery download page as I had a previous one was saved before updating from 376 to 377. I resumed that one and that's when I noticed the issue.

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 19:44:32 Id: eebd05 [Preview] No.437 del
So I'm still doing this wrapper for tuning:
Is the locale hack known to be unnecessary anymore?
Is it possible to tune the font size using CSS now?

##+ndD36 Board owner 12/18/2019 (Wed) 00:59:17 Id: 98e719 [Preview] No.439 del
I figured it out. It was something unusual, like it only affected files that were loaded from a session, but on a re-highlight, it would work correctly again. It was to do with a slightly different file domain on re-loaded files vs. 'live' views. Should all be fixed for tomorrow, but let me know if it isn't.

I am afraid I do not remember seeing this paste before, so I can't talk cleverly about it. The CSS stylesheet stuff is prototype, but if you knock up a .qss/.css, you should be able to set it up to load under options->style. Bear in mind that this system will change a little (I expect to make it work on a one-stylesheet-per-directory basis, and move from the static dir to any path you want) as I make it nicer to work with in a few releases.

I set the locale at the top of client.py, but I think it was muddled a bit in the first Qt release. I'd say try it without with 377 or tomorrow's release and see how it does. If your system locale produces any weird stuff, please let me know the details and any fixes/stuff you think I am not doing, and I'll see if I can get it into the program proper.

Release Tomorrow! Anonymous Board owner 12/18/2019 (Wed) 01:12:04 Id: 98e719 [Preview] No.440 del
I had a great, simple week. I mostly concentrated on code cleanup and database optimisation. A number of unusually very slow searches and routines (sparse system:known url searches particularly) should now be significantly faster. I also managed to push all the simple file sorts into system:limit queries, so now if you search with sort:filesize:descending and system:limit=256, you'll get the 256 biggest files of the whole sort, not a sample.

The release should be as normal tomorrow.

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