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Review of the themes and plot of the first episode of the new anime "Napping Princess":
The sleepy town of Dowa has a legend.
When the sky of Dowa brightens, and three moons are in the sky,
The sleeping princess will finally wake from her eternal slumber...
In Dowa, a sleepy town, Nanaka and Satsuki, two sisters with a secret, live together.
One day, a young boy named Ginko arrives at their home.
Later, a spaceship falls into the town.
While the family prepares to escape, Ginko tells Nanaka that there is one item she needs to take with her, and he gives her a mysterious "medicine".
The family barely escapes the town, and watches the town be destroyed from a distance.
They find a derelict spaceship, and explore inside.
There, they find a red crystal, but monsters appear, and they are forced to evacuate.
With the red crystal in tow, the family crash-lands on the planet of GALAXY.
Over there, they meet the friendly locals, and attempt to adapt to their new lifestyle, but Nanaka cannot get over her deep sleep.
After the spaceship falls, two monsters appear, and reveal themselves to be another pair of sisters: Leia and Maria, and their robotic dog Porter.
Leia tells Nanaka that the red crystal is one of the many cursed red crystals.
Leia tells the two sisters of how the red crystal is made: by young girls absorbing the life force from young boys.
Nanaka and Satsuki are overwhelmed by the revelation, and hide the crystal.

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