Anonymous 06/10/2021 (Thu) 03:34:21 Id: 931918 No.128504 del
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Actual insanity. In DereSute, dupes are basically useless, you can limit break a character all the way up to 20 but all it does is raise your drop rate, and nothing any of the songs drop is really worth it to go that far, even for certain events that focus on drops its better to just max a lower rarity character because obviously collecting 20 dupes of a single card is just insane. Also, notice how some say level 80 MAX and others are level 90 MAX in the first image? Basically, when you upgrade a card its max level goes up AND the art changes, so some of those are actually the same one even if they look different. In particular, I notice that he has rolled a whopping 45 copies of Sachiko's Fes limited SSR, as he has maxed both her pre-upgrade and post-upgrade versions, and then has an extra 5 copies of the former. This SSR is limited to a specific type of gacha that only comes around every once and a while, however even whenever that gacha is up, she'll be the regular rate, which since there are so fucking many SSRs at this point is so abysmally low that there is almost no way you will roll a specific SSR if they are not on rate up, and this Sachiko was only ever on rate up on the first banner she appeared on way back in like 2017. So he must be sparking her EVERY SINGLE FES to get this many, which would mean dropping like a couple hundred dollars every month.