Anonymous 07/01/2020 (Wed) 01:03:15 No.19948 del [Embed]

Do you guys actually like this game? I mean, I am not here to judge anyone but myself, but this looks like one of those grindy games which are generally boring because battles consist of spamming the same trick over and over, monsters are just giant punchbags and there are just giant signs of irrelevant information flashing in your face over and over again. Also characters having some stupid lines when they are not asked for, and that is not even about their combat abilities. As far as I am concerned, this is giga cringe.
So, what can be enjoyed about this game even? Obviously the world is pretty but there are prettier games than this one. Grindy gameplay when you turn your brain off can be relaxing but is this why you play this?
Again, I don't mean to be offensive but as I realize I may sound like a douche, I ask for your opinion. Well, maybe I am a douche, whatever. [Embed]
(I don't like gameplay of Persona either but their take on, well, persona is genuinely insightful)