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I like JRPG combat, of course this does vary from game to game, but Xenoblade's is pretty fun once you get the hang of it. Of course, I understand that JRPGs are not for everyone, Spec doesn't like them either, but they're my cup of tea and I'd much rather play them than the shitty FPS or "Souls-likes" that seem to dominate the market these days.
I'm fine with shutting my mind off to do some grinding to. I've had some pretty comfy times recently listening to vtubers while getting some grinding done. And if grinding isn't your thing, you can always lower the difficulty.
Sure, none of the Xenoblade games are the most graphically capable games out there, partly because of the systems they run on, but there's still clearly a lot of thought and artistry put into desigining and laying out the areas in these games, way more so than most JRPGs, and because of that they look way better than any soulless western AAA title out there.
I also typically like JRPG stories. Sure they're not literary masterpieces, but they're fun and like anime and manga have that unique Jap charm you won't find in western media.