Anonymous 08/01/2020 (Sat) 16:06:17 No.28231 del
Do we discuss ITT how actually bad infinitychan or whatever software is? xD
>you could be constructive and fix it
Static page generation problems are really hard. To my experience, static pages work better with really simple imageboard software but if you have to generate multiple indexes (catalog and index default) and multiple page variants the thing just takes too long which can sometimes lead to unpredictable (hardly predictable) errors. Apart from catalog, this software seems to generate those useless "previews" for EACH post and all those statistics pages like boards.js (why the hell it's called js when it's an HTML file) are not free as well (though I suppose those are updated every so often and not on each new post). Also in long threads post takes forever to appear (10 seconds and more I think) in actual pages after the successful redirect. Maybe that leads to errors.
Also Tor mirrors, both v2 and v3, separately also, lol, become unaccessible randomly. I suppose Tor is hard to get working right but pls keep it up to date and your system time correct lol. Inb4 your Tor actually gets ddosed.

What else on the news? Cato disappeared again.