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(5.15 MB 1203x1700 image.png)
#Hupony 02/19/2021 (Fri) 15:59:42 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No. 95632

Expoti 02/19/2021 (Fri) 16:00:49 Id: 18f930 [Preview] No.95634 del
(405.76 KB 400x225 walkure-romanze-1.gif)

#Hupony 02/19/2021 (Fri) 16:00:50 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95635 del
(1.64 MB 850x1202 image.png)
I mean, hats off to you if you succeed

Expoti 02/19/2021 (Fri) 16:02:51 Id: 18f930 [Preview] No.95636 del
(993.29 KB 500x272 image0.gif)
I most certainly won't.

#Hupony 02/19/2021 (Fri) 16:04:33 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95637 del
Don't blame you. I wouldn't be able to either

Expoti 02/19/2021 (Fri) 16:26:13 Id: 18f930 [Preview] No.95638 del
(339.86 KB 1280x960 1607393769942.jpg)
That's lewd.
I'm surprised I was able to mostly stop during the week, all things considered.

#Hupony 02/19/2021 (Fri) 16:27:34 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95639 del
(1.22 MB 850x1202 image.png)
same... This one has been quite bad though.
Beer both Monday and Thursday. soon enough it'll be every day

Expoti 02/19/2021 (Fri) 16:37:02 Id: 18f930 [Preview] No.95640 del
(1019.78 KB 500x373 1604597071816.gif)
The working life.. what a time, no?

#Hupony 02/19/2021 (Fri) 16:48:26 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95641 del
(609.75 KB 850x638 image.png)
Uni was honestly worse.
Least I got a colleague now who states he knows nobody because he works from his basement, and if a change breaks something, then he'll commit seppuku.
Uni however was full of vegan homo soys

Expoti 02/19/2021 (Fri) 16:55:36 Id: 18f930 [Preview] No.95642 del
(1.54 MB 1904x2048 7aeca0_8118526.png)
Thankfully I didn't seem to have problems with any of that in university.
Does sound pretty awful.

#Hupony 02/19/2021 (Fri) 17:11:07 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95643 del
(881.43 KB 850x1228 image.png)
Times change. I hear American unis are pretty bad now too.
Apparently in my brother's year, there are people who don't want the class "software innovation", because it's nothing but capitalistic propaganda.
Damn them all

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 18:47:40 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95645 del
(141.88 KB 777x1087 1585821688284.jpg)

Mikie 02/19/2021 (Fri) 18:48:29 Id: aa42cc [Preview] No.95646 del
(309.79 KB 600x800 0j5raysln8i61.jpg)

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 18:50:05 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95647 del
(672.08 KB 1090x1613 EiwA6RZU4AAjl7D.jpg)

#Hupony 02/19/2021 (Fri) 18:59:02 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95648 del
(608.85 KB 850x526 image.png)

Expoti 02/19/2021 (Fri) 18:59:03 Id: 18f930 [Preview] No.95649 del
(3.22 MB 2500x4000 79285700_p0.png)

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:01:58 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95650 del
(785.04 KB 4096x2731 1609889996887.jpg)

Expoti 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:02:56 Id: 18f930 [Preview] No.95651 del
(45.40 KB 240x240 1603247799720.jpg)

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:03:39 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95652 del
(6.03 MB 2894x3189 86590442_p18.jpg)

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:04:10 Id: f7d4da [Preview] No.95653 del
(270.86 KB 440x675 deaths.png)

Expoti 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:05:07 Id: 18f930 [Preview] No.95654 del
(122.08 KB 362x360 1608948363379.png)

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:05:24 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95655 del
(114.24 KB 780x1080 1556693793.jpg)

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:06:33 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95656 del
(85.37 KB 700x1011 1552885074146.jpg)

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:07:44 Id: f7d4da [Preview] No.95657 del
(693.73 KB 1200x1720 Euk881kVkAApReB.png)
Why all the gloom?

Mikie 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:09:09 Id: aa42cc [Preview] No.95658 del
(97.43 KB 814x1131 4yg539xx39d61.jpg)
how is spec today?

Expoti 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:10:41 Id: 18f930 [Preview] No.95659 del
For no good reason.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:11:13 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95660 del
(1.09 MB 680x951 1531621819636.png)

You? Up to anything today Mike?

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:11:33 Id: f7d4da [Preview] No.95661 del
(280.18 KB 850x1105 EugMfsXVoAM-_uW.jpg)
Damn, that sucks.

Just how bad is corrosive ammo?

Mikie 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:13:46 Id: aa42cc [Preview] No.95662 del
(29.83 KB 500x600 il4m0ydztfi61.jpg)
i feel the same way...

just, meh...

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:15:26 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95663 del
(116.06 KB 840x869 1551857470085.jpg)

Bad, but it (used to be) cheap.
The ol' Windex trick DOES work if you have no way of cleaning quickly, but basically any time you shoot corrosive you want to clean ASAP with your usual CLP or whatever.
Do NOT just flush with hot water, moisture actually makes it worse, faster.

Why, have you come across corrosive?

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:17:43 Id: f7d4da [Preview] No.95664 del
(79.11 KB 694x701 Et4YigBU0AQuPvk.jpg)
They're selling corrosive tracers in enblocs for ~1.80 a round.
Problem is I don't remember if my range allows tracers or not.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:20:37 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95665 del
(1.09 MB 680x951 1531621819636.png)
Ah, yeah, that'd do it.
Not like anyone would find out.
The ammo I was gonna send you is a mix of black-tip and tracer anyway.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:22:21 Id: f7d4da [Preview] No.95666 del
(1.75 MB 1115x1600 carry.png)
I asked and we definitely can't shoot tracers at our range.
Just how fast would I have to clean it? Like at the range, or would it be fine to take it home and then do it?

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:25:02 Id: f7d4da [Preview] No.95667 del
(357.84 KB 2048x1774 EuLhqKzUYAAEOMp.jpg)
>the salts are gonna get all over the gas system
yeah nvm that sounds awful.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:26:21 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95668 del
(689.20 KB 1280x720 1494214644042.png)
What, are you like there right now or something?
The sooner the better, within 24 hours.
Some people used to really panic about it, especially on older firearms where the surface treatment of the metal has either faded with age, or isn't updated, and older barrels that aren't chrome lined. They would bring Windex WITH THEM to the range, or thus the "just pour water down it!" trick was born.

But basically just within the day, soon as you get home. Don't let it sit overnight.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:27:23 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95669 del
(123.07 KB 1920x804 1600088276356.jpg)
Yeah, it's really messy and kinda gross, and requires a full field strip to take care of.

Mikie 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:31:46 Id: aa42cc [Preview] No.95670 del
(4.27 MB 1801x2513 6546546456.png)
lmao @ people getting mad a ted cruz because a bad snow storm happend in texas and because they dont have the proper infrastructure to deal with it

really? its totally not as if these states would bother with proper infrastructure to deal with events that rarely happen or anything

no sir never

like look, i know aqua and i's intelligence is very low

but these guys, make us look like geniuses

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:31:51 Id: 335c3f [Preview] No.95671 del
Nah, I'm still ammo-less.
I'll avoid it. Don't feel like doing a full clean and hurting the stock bedding every time I shoot.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:32:42 Id: 335c3f [Preview] No.95672 del
Ted cruz isn't in charge of the power companies or ercot or anything
They just want a scapegoat

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:35:22 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95673 del
(99.01 KB 500x375 1609819329351.gif)
He's still an idiot for letting optics that bad happen in the first place. Can he do anything really? No. But running off to Cancun when you're a senator while people in your home state freeze is like comic book tier evil in the minds of people looking for any ammunition to bitch about class differences.

Get a new stock. :^)

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:36:46 Id: 335c3f [Preview] No.95674 del
(198.91 KB 952x960 1613423375313.jpg)
I'll get a new stock when this one falls apart.
Plus the same thing would happen to that one too, unless I got a fancy one with metal parts in the bedding.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:38:05 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95675 del
(753.67 KB 1200x1600 87898914_p0.jpg)
Get a synthetic one. :^)

Mikie 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:38:14 Id: aa42cc [Preview] No.95676 del
(982.75 KB 849x1200 65546546546.png)
my thoughts exactly

and not only that

the dude isn't in charge of texas state law anyway

he deals with federal law and only represents texas

alright, i suppose i cannot contest that

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:41:25 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95677 del
(175.81 KB 1436x1715 EuOKRBdUcAIOcoh.jpg)
Unfortunately, the left seems to understand this slightly better than the right that, when you are a politician, at any level, you are now permanently an actor, on a stage with curtains that never close. You live forever in a glass house, and anything you do, or don't do, will be broadcast to the world with an agenda attached.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:46:43 Id: 335c3f [Preview] No.95678 del
(111.30 KB 1024x768 1613589861521m.jpg)


Mikie 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:47:09 Id: aa42cc [Preview] No.95679 del
(697.97 KB 893x1200 knj3ps6j67a61.jpg)
stop smarting me, spec...

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:50:14 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95680 del
(205.35 KB 1246x2000 87881762_p0.jpg)
There was a company that actually used to make a really, really nice synthetic M1 stock set that I should have grabbed before they stopped.
I've also put heavy consideration into sporterizing the shit out of my Mosin, and putting it in an ATI stock. But then Ruger Americans came out, and I think before Covid hit were actually cheaper than Mosins.
You may judge me, so long as you'll still accept me.

If I got smart with you how would you know?

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:51:18 Id: 335c3f [Preview] No.95681 del
(385.81 KB 1250x2047 EuaNZnRVoAIiiDQ.jpeg)
I don't care about mosins, you can fuck one up all you like.

Mikie 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:53:45 Id: aa42cc [Preview] No.95683 del
(44.62 KB 750x924 nubg0obc0wb61.jpg)
it's a guess

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:54:02 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95684 del
(1.03 MB 1279x2000 87881762_p3.jpg)
Well, now that the surplus of them is about depleted, and they're getting more and more expensive, I'm gonna keep mine as original as possible.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 19:57:38 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95686 del
(7.69 MB 1748x2920 87876989_p0.png)
What's at the condo this weekend, Horse?


I need to buy an original stock for it, since I sanded and re-stained the one she came with.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:00:04 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95687 del
(349.21 KB 1000x1400 EuiN5lXVcAgtPuh.jpg)
did it come out good?

Mikie 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:00:40 Id: aa42cc [Preview] No.95688 del
(352.10 KB 1021x1200 8c9t0r6dmth61.jpg)

Expoti 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:03:00 Id: 18f930 [Preview] No.95689 del
Probably my boredom and alcoholism.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:03:25 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95690 del
(673.17 KB 1000x1000 72152500_p0.jpg)
Uh... eh.

Don't worry about it.
What are you up to Mike?

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:04:13 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95691 del
(113.28 KB 280x280 1613711114524.gif)

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:08:03 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95692 del
(1.34 MB 1169x2435 Et-rExlVcAYJwBL.jpg)
Ah. Sounds uh- fun, yeah... fun.


Mikie 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:08:07 Id: aa42cc [Preview] No.95693 del
(25.05 KB 600x427 rdvc9n718sf61.jpg)
im making something in photoshop

and also watching the rain outside

im excited for the cool weather to get here

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:12:30 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95694 del
(218.83 KB 1428x2026 Eug8YK2VcAkUPXh.jpg)
Whatcha photoshopin'?
I wish it would rain here.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:12:36 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95695 del
(339.45 KB 1674x1674 EueOmxHVkAA7c-c.jpg)
your intentions were bad, but the end result was okay.
You survive another day.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:17:32 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95697 del
(3.02 MB 2021x2858 87841211_p0.png)
I mean stocks are very replaceable, it's not like I actually went through with any irreversible sporterization.

You have strange, strange definitions of fun my friend, but such is the nature of horses I guess.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:19:04 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95698 del
(412.63 KB 900x1215 EuhPCOpVEAQk_uv.jpg)
doesn't mean you should ruin stocks willy-nilly.

Mikie 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:19:18 Id: aa42cc [Preview] No.95699 del
just silly stuff for fun

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:20:31 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95700 del
(240.76 KB 900x1271 87868588_p0.jpg)
picks up hand saw


Expoti 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:20:54 Id: 18f930 [Preview] No.95701 del
(1004.14 KB 500x281 1607000389654.gif)
I'll just go hide in the loft and watch anime all weekend, I hope.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:21:06 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95702 del
(339.34 KB 498x278 shami.gif)

Expoti 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:24:06 Id: 18f930 [Preview] No.95704 del
(661.22 KB 540x512 1609362106288.gif)
Heh.. probably not that, no.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:24:36 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95705 del
(82.52 KB 850x638 qb.jpg)
why do you hurt me so?

#Hupony 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:25:10 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95706 del
Spec is the meanest

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:25:23 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95707 del
(108.86 KB 675x1024 EugWPwbVEAUqmBS.jpg)
Uh... what then?

I actually kind of like those.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:26:37 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95708 del
(1.11 MB 960x1410 EulbPuyVgAQIamU.jpg)
Indeed he is.

I liked them too, until I saw what it looked like with a mosin in them.

Expoti 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:31:03 Id: 18f930 [Preview] No.95709 del
Everything I haven't managed to watch from yesterday and today (which includes one episode of rape) and then maybe more PreCure.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:31:25 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95710 del
They look a lot better when said Mosin is cut down a good bit...

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:34:41 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95711 del
(373.87 KB 1592x2636 Euf1NEvUYAAE9rp.jpg)
Yeah, if it was cut down then I'd look pretty good.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:36:35 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95712 del
(210.24 KB 1378x2048 Es4qw2uVkAEQx-p.jpg)
You already look good.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:39:49 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95713 del
(113.28 KB 280x280 1613711114524.gif)
that was a typo, and you know it.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:41:52 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95714 del
(1.87 MB 1500x2121 87390784_p1.jpg)
That doesn't make it less true.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:42:56 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95715 del
(1.41 MB 1672x2282 EmeH3w1UcAEWDVe.jpg)

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:45:37 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95716 del
(1.98 MB 2480x3389 87702232_p0.jpg)

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:46:28 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95717 del
(263.70 KB 1614x1853 EumpcPpUYAEFL0Z.jpg)

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:50:00 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95718 del
(2.28 MB 3508x4961 87706813_p0.jpg)
How's homework grind?

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:53:17 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95719 del
(452.28 KB 2070x3060 EugpUYeVEAUxoj2.jpg)
I just got out of class, time to start.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:54:51 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95720 del
(2.08 MB 2072x2851 87874909_p0.jpg)
What class is it for?

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:57:32 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95721 del
(192.21 KB 1084x1650 EugpAxiVcAYnOoF.jpg)
python and math.

#Hupony 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:57:59 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95722 del
those two go well together

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:59:19 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95723 del
(1.56 MB 2000x3000 87874940_p0.jpg)
Hu's favorites!

#Hupony 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:59:45 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95724 del

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 21:01:00 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95725 del
(339.45 KB 1674x1674 EueOmxHVkAA7c-c.jpg)
sorta kinda

Damn, I thought I was hu's favorites

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 21:03:40 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95726 del
(1.93 MB 1769x1920 82887396_p0.jpg)

No, I'm sure that's true too...
Different kind of favorite.

#Hupony 02/19/2021 (Fri) 21:03:51 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95727 del
Do. There is R too, but Python is noticeably faster I hear, and I know it has plenty math-related libraries you can just include and use.
Of course you still need to know the syntax in order to really use it, but it's not like any other tool is different in that regard.

my favourite~

#Hupony 02/19/2021 (Fri) 21:05:02 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95728 del
Nah. Python doesn't have a static strong typesystem. Most mistakes I make in that is due to lack of types.
Just like it is with Javascript. I do like types

#Hupony 02/19/2021 (Fri) 21:05:29 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95729 del
ah well. Bedski time

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 21:08:14 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95730 del

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 21:08:57 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95731 del
Favorite thing to hate?


スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 21:10:18 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95732 del
(876.87 KB 1920x1080 1572509399229.jpg)

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 21:11:31 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95733 del
(219.48 KB 1310x1657 Eta88vGVoAAx0Vo.jpg)
I see, I see.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 21:15:18 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95734 del
(74.99 KB 1024x768 1518926768811.jpg)
said the blind man, as he tripped over his hammer, and saw.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 21:30:11 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95736 del
(900.23 KB 1000x1719 EuFeFUSUYAABTHl.jpg)
Sounds about right to me.


Expoti 02/19/2021 (Fri) 21:32:50 Id: 18f930 [Preview] No.95737 del
Horse has to depart, now that I look at the time.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 21:33:24 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95738 del

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 21:34:33 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95739 del
(1.11 MB 960x1410 EulbPuyVgAQIamU.jpg)
Stay safe.


スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 21:35:05 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95740 del
(182.06 KB 599x769 1600281615342.jpg)
RIP Horse, he never came back.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 21:41:37 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95741 del
(48.00 KB 960x528 1458703061629.jpg)

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 21:46:14 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95742 del
(663.67 KB 814x657 shami2.png)
but bro, just print more money

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 21:52:29 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95743 del
(275.16 KB 490x805 87791490_p0.png)
They're gonna have to figure out how to print food here in a minute.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 21:54:18 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95744 del
(630.93 KB 827x1167 glove.png)
uh oh.
That's when things get nasty.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:01:55 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95745 del
(230.59 KB 1438x1653 EtovEaZVcAABG7P.jpg)
Food riots soon.
puts hand in glove

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:10:51 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95746 del
(237.67 KB 1331x1883 Es-omBTVoAIXYj1.jpg)
Oh boy, I can't wait.
Now you're indirectly holding hands, lewd.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:12:26 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95747 del
(1.28 MB 930x1300 87793598_p0.png)
It's gonna be fun.
Hold my hand.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:13:10 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95748 del
fun, right..
Gimmie your glove.

Gilgamesh 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:17:41 Id: 643da0 [Preview] No.95749 del
(194.08 KB 1000x1478 1613678677075.jpg)
>Spec's going to ship some all weather shooting gloves with the .30-06
You're not going to want those gloves back when Ran's done.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:22:05 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95750 del
(113.28 KB 280x280 1613711114524.gif)
Turns out the 30-06 wouldn't even be useful to me, so he aint sending me shit.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:25:25 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95751 del
I'd send Ran a pair of Mechanix.
Mine have a nice hole in the thumb webbing now, RIP.

Gilgamesh 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:26:04 Id: 643da0 [Preview] No.95752 del
(915.66 KB 1366x910 1613712141515.png)
Is it an indoor range that bans certain AP or and outdoor that bans tracers?

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:26:46 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95753 del
(192.21 KB 1084x1650 EugpAxiVcAYnOoF.jpg)
outdoor that bans tracers.
Just flinging AP down range would be a waste, right?

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:27:53 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95754 del
(3.15 MB 2894x4093 86594273_p0.jpg)
Outdoor that bans tracers.
I can still send him the other stuff.

Gilgamesh 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:30:28 Id: 643da0 [Preview] No.95755 del
(312.60 KB 674x859 Yuri Kaczynski.png)
Depends on how cheap it was. I had some questionable quality AP I burnt at the ranch because shit was basically free.

For some reason, I assumed you had boomer tier AP from the 80s.
Don't know why, just did.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:33:02 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95756 del
(553.12 KB 1200x847 Etm3caUVEAA-yYK.jpg)
Still feels like a waste, although I guess it's not like I'd use it for it's intended purpose either.

Gilgamesh 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:34:53 Id: 643da0 [Preview] No.95757 del
(1.55 MB 1000x1000 1613710955096.png)
Eh, AP falls under the "keep a box if you have it but never seek it out". For all intents and purposes, it's useless for civilian shooting.

Anything you need penetration on, shit's already hit the fan.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:35:38 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95758 del
(205.92 KB 1246x2000 87881762_p2.jpg)
I have no idea how long it's been sitting for, you're not entirely wrong.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:36:40 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95759 del
(148.68 KB 1037x1659 EulLyHUVgAApf4G.jpg)
Just how much do you have, spec?

I see, I see.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:39:18 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95760 del
(3.15 MB 2894x4093 86594273_p0.jpg)
One whole ammo can at least.
I also have a canvas shooting bag full of mystery .30-06 because the older gentleman I inherited it from was a reloader.
Reloads are something I'd never give to someone else, I'd only risk em on myself.

Gilgamesh 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:39:47 Id: 643da0 [Preview] No.95761 del
(1.55 MB 1000x1000 1613710955096.png)
Or you can go full tactical boomer LARP and say how it's AP or nothing as you inadvertently shoot through every sheetrock wall in your house, clip wires and the resulting shorts set your whole house on fire instead of unfolding with you dropping three wastelanders armed to the teeth.

Where'd you get it?

Yeah, there's rarely a "need" for it but not bad to keep a box in case shit goes fully tits up. But not really expecting it to help.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:39:54 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95762 del
(663.67 KB 814x657 shami2.png)

Gilgamesh 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:40:36 Id: 643da0 [Preview] No.95763 del
Weren't you going to get a beater bolt .30-06 to destroy with it?

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:42:46 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95764 del
(4.83 MB 4041x2292 82758500_p1.jpg)
See above.


Yeah, I wanted a "just in case this is actually a hand grenade" throw away I didn't have to care about.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:46:21 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95765 del
(213.76 KB 1600x2048 EfHPcBMUcAASANH.jpg)
The way things are going it doesn't seem like too bad an idea. Although I think OK will be relatively comfy compared to some places.

I think I'm gonna call around all the shops tomorrow and see what they have.


スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:48:45 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95766 del
(1.40 MB 2894x4093 ErtdCbYVoAATZEf.jpg)
My fingers are crossed for you still.
Ammoseek did find .30-06, it's just that it's $2.50 - $5 a round...

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:52:17 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95767 del
(168.14 KB 515x980 Eq4wdofVkAUB9Eq.jpg)
dong's still lists there's at 25/box.
That's where I found the tracer ammo this morning.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:54:13 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95768 del
(300.22 KB 1720x1290 Eul46I3UcAkU3eM.jpg)
Gonna take Ran shooting tracers at night.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:56:00 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95769 del
(1.04 MB 1000x1742 87791394_p0.jpg)
sounds like a fun time.
How long is your range?

Gilgamesh 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:57:00 Id: 643da0 [Preview] No.95770 del
(71.05 KB 250x250 1613687952584.png)
Yeah, I remembered after I asked.

Buy all the tools to handload next.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 23:01:05 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95771 del
(172.70 KB 715x1079 87376797_p0.jpg)
Remember, I don't go to dedicated ranges, just whatever BLM land is allowing target shooting this season.
So it could be anywhere from a hundred yards to a thousand and change.

But now I'm just sitting on everything and haven't been shooting since last September.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 23:05:45 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95772 del
(280.18 KB 850x1105 EugMfsXVoAM-_uW.jpg)
We've been looking, but primers are also impossible to find atm.

You don't have regular spots you go to on the BLM land, though?
Ours is 600 on normal days, and 1000 on event days.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 23:15:47 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95773 del
(133.13 KB 800x1000 87895254_p0.jpg)
If we got creative enough, and didn't mind a bit of climbing, the one we frequent now could have up to 1000, but usually we're shooting at most 200 yards.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 23:17:32 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95774 del
(280.18 KB 850x1105 EugMfsXVoAM-_uW.jpg)
I see, I see.
i haven't used the high powered range yet, so I dunno what it's like.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 23:20:11 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95775 del
(569.31 KB 1000x1408 87687455_p0.jpg)
Have you tried to shoot at anything at the 600 mark?
Or... wait, did your old man even have rifles, or just the skeet guns and the pistols?

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 23:23:42 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95776 del
(147.24 KB 497x505 alcohol.png)
Longest I've shot is 100 yards.
All he has is .22 rifles.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 23:28:25 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95777 del
(367.88 KB 1200x1870 Et7l8HXVIAALLKU.jpg)
Ah... well, at 300 your front sight post will completely cover a 6' target. So it gets a little interesting shooting at anything past 200, you kinda really have to know where to hold and where your shots are gonna land.
Anything past that pfffff- get an optic.
Kinda wanna get out there and see far I can push my AR, now that I got that LPVO for Chrimmis.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 23:31:36 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95778 del
(71.73 KB 500x474 Et2aS3gU0AATZqe.png)
No optics for the m1! At least not this one.
Yeah, i saw some people talking about the NM front sights for the m1, saying the prefer it because of the thinner post.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 23:37:40 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95779 del
(2.14 MB 2552x2596 80761688_p0.png)
Right, right... do you like the sights?

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 23:39:00 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95780 del
(441.96 KB 2508x2508 EuUisB8VgAAnp0s.jpg)
never used a peephole before, couldn't tell ya.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 23:41:38 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95781 del
(342.02 KB 1024x1024 PA-15_costume1_D.png)
I mean just without having even used em yet, just looking through them initially.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 23:47:30 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95782 del
(1.04 MB 1000x1742 87791394_p0.jpg)
they seem nice, yeah. Need to read up on how to zero the height adjustment before we go out.
They're a little hard to use in low-contrast situations.

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 23:55:12 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95784 del
(150.63 KB 800x1131 EuhaPWDVcAAsMPg.jpg)
I think I saw this when I looked it up, but I'll bookmark it. Thankya.

スペク 02/19/2021 (Fri) 23:56:56 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95785 del
(2.26 MB 1476x2473 87240507_p0.png)
It's more succinct than anything I could spend time typing out, or actually show you.
Just don't fuck with the front sight, for now...
Anyway, I'm off to dinner, see you Ran.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 00:01:33 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95786 del
(156.02 KB 1464x2048 1613636880907.jpg)
not gonna touch it.
See ya.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 01:41:55 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95787 del
(879.83 KB 858x1200 73504685_p0.png)
Good boy.
Is that a Douki, or just one of Yomu's other girls?

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 01:45:32 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95788 del
(318.74 KB 600x600 87822217_p0.jpg)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 01:47:43 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95789 del
(1.11 MB 2099x3508 87160735_p1.jpg)
Welcome back...

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 01:49:45 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95790 del
(363.24 KB 1280x720 1613468364014.jpg)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 01:50:09 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95791 del
(235.03 KB 1466x2048 Eulse2EXcAYXHvh.jpg)
Ya sleep well...?

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 01:54:59 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95792 del
(516.29 KB 901x1000 EumNaQvVkAE53yT.jpg)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 01:56:29 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95793 del
(17.04 MB 2894x4093 87629267_p0.png)
Go back and try again?

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 02:00:04 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95794 del
(717.62 KB 3072x4096 Eumwj3xUUAMjWpc.jpg)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 02:03:52 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95795 del
(1.07 MB 1100x1600 84303071_p1.png)
Well shit.
How's the ears?

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 02:07:50 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95796 del
(243.54 KB 1131x1837 EubpL7vVkAMccDD.jpg)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 02:10:45 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95797 del
(2.67 MB 1552x2537 87865103_p0.png)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 02:12:10 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95798 del
(632.32 KB 1900x1300 EuGS_BJVgAIuXIJ.jpg)
Just woke up and got a shower.
Not really.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 02:26:24 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95799 del
(101.52 KB 1000x1000 EukrO-_UUAMdwxr.jpg)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 02:31:23 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95800 del
(780.26 KB 845x1177 87898710_p0.jpg)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 02:35:19 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95801 del
(304.79 KB 750x1272 EulxlUCVkAMjgob.jpg)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 02:36:03 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95802 del
(299.88 KB 1406x2048 EsAorGVXUAE7C9I.jpg)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 02:37:09 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95803 del
(616.57 KB 1000x1412 EualpZdU4AATdfQ.jpg)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 02:40:44 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95804 del
(1.43 MB 1200x1700 75849987_p0.jpg)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 02:41:05 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95805 del
(296.04 KB 990x1726 Eufipu3VgAUMc_b.jpg)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 02:45:28 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95806 del
(319.37 KB 600x800 EuXxQx5VoAQpSiD.jpg)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 02:46:04 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95807 del
(378.90 KB 1000x1333 EufdaosVoAMVQAk.jpg)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 02:47:18 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95808 del
(169.56 KB 713x1200 EubtGJvVcAE0veo.jpg)
So I guess the tower defense minigame is staying for good.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 02:51:59 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95809 del
(793.03 KB 2000x1677 Eue5OhPVgAUeicj.jpg)
Guess when you're hemorrhaging players, you gotta try to steal those Arknights people.

Gilgamesh 02/20/2021 (Sat) 02:52:06 Id: d2dde0 [Preview] No.95810 del
pls no post v-day Caren

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 02:55:22 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95811 del
(3.15 MB 2894x4093 86594273_p0.jpg)
Is it hemorrhaging players?


Gilgamesh 02/20/2021 (Sat) 02:56:53 Id: d2dde0 [Preview] No.95812 del
(71.05 KB 250x250 1613687952584.png)
It hurts my soul.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:01:15 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95813 del
(295.80 KB 1000x1222 87706107_p0.jpg)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:01:21 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95814 del
(191.54 KB 500x500 1612834387881.gif)
I dunno, but I've seen Japanese people talk about how they're losing interest in the game now that they've reached the point where it is essentially just an endless RNG grind.

Gilgamesh 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:02:00 Id: d2dde0 [Preview] No.95815 del
(1.55 MB 1000x1000 1613710955096.png)
I swear to God I will murder you and go full Tarkov with your gear at the nearest CC.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:05:19 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95816 del
(1.17 MB 1371x1920 87774618_p0.jpg)

Don't make me promises you can't keep.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:06:40 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95817 del
(158.51 KB 906x1280 EuLOlpOVEAEGqA6.jpg)
Come on dude, even you've said before that the RNG bullshit on the artifacts might make you quit.

Gilgamesh 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:06:45 Id: d2dde0 [Preview] No.95818 del
(179.76 KB 1152x2048 Et-JkGZXEAAr_NX.jpg)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:09:53 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95819 del
(7.90 MB 2894x4093 87744757_p0.png)
It's what made me quit Destiny 2 in fact.
But that's my point, what fucking game out there isn't a goddamn mess of a grind for random rolled gear right now? It's literally all of them.


Gilgamesh 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:10:59 Id: d2dde0 [Preview] No.95820 del
(312.60 KB 674x859 Yuri Kaczynski.png)

Gilgamesh 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:11:47 Id: d2dde0 [Preview] No.95821 del
Have you abandoned vtubers completely after lowest common denominator western niggers flocked to them?

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:14:03 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95822 del
(727.21 KB 1600x1600 EumeMA1VEAQQiPP.jpg)
I can't comment on other AAA games similar to Destiny because I don't play those, but most other gacha games don't have multiple layers of RNG, whereas in Destiny and Genshin you have the chance of getting screwed over on stats even when the item you want drops. It just adds an extra layer of potential frustration.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:14:26 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95823 del
(718.26 KB 1014x1067 87677063_p0.jpg)
Alright, last one I promise.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:15:32 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95824 del
(235.03 KB 1466x2048 Eulse2EXcAYXHvh.jpg)
So what are Japs abandoning it favor of then?

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:18:11 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95825 del
(789.92 KB 1920x1080 1613137930009.jpg)
I dunno. Blue Archive? The new Nier game? Do you really need a specific game to jump ship to if one is pissing you off so much you want to quit it? Did you have a specific game you abandoned Destiny in favor of?

Gilgamesh 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:28:58 Id: d2dde0 [Preview] No.95826 del
(312.60 KB 674x859 Yuri Kaczynski.png)
Every time I try to make tapioca pudding, it never comes out like my grandparents' and it just leaves me disappointed.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:29:42 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95827 del
(2.19 MB 2480x2480 87367299_p0.jpg)
Ah, BA makes sense. I did see that Nier came out too.
>did you have a specific game you abandoned Destiny in favor of
No, in fact I was pretty bored for a while looking for something new.
I'm not saying you need to jump ship, I'm simply curious because it's what usually happens.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:31:37 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95828 del
(753.83 KB 1430x1080 87379390_p0.jpg)
Is there something in particular you're trying to make, or do you just actually like tapioca?

Gilgamesh 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:32:06 Id: d2dde0 [Preview] No.95829 del
(109.62 KB 500x409 1613535906350.jpg)
Just like it.
Always comes out wrong, though.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:32:13 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95830 del
(617.07 KB 1730x2048 EumHrnEUUAA4lJK.jpg)
True, but normally if they're jumping ship to whatever is the current fotm, which is why I listed the two gacha games that seem to be just that at that moment.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:36:12 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95831 del
(972.06 KB 2249x3774 87768965_p0.jpg)
Find medium, ask them how nana made it.

I wonder if any number of them will be interested again once Not-Jap comes out in Summer.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:39:18 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95832 del
(394.12 KB 600x500 1613248026193.gif)
They'll pick it back up briefly only to quit when they find out the first new 4* is a cuck character.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:45:36 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95833 del
(6.40 MB 3336x4338 87908175_p0.png)
But they don't have to wait to find that out.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:54:54 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95834 del
(171.57 KB 268x248 1612080271167.png)
A lot of them probably won't find out until it actually comes out.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:58:27 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95835 del
(2.92 MB 2835x2835 82520028_p0.png)
Hopefully Mei Baal makes up for it.
And the cute Tanuki loli for Inazuma. She fuckin' cute.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:01:14 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95836 del
(285.42 KB 318x376 1613103140055.png)
>a cuckbait and a dyke
lmao Inazuma is such a swell place

Gilgamesh 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:02:16 Id: d2dde0 [Preview] No.95837 del
(194.08 KB 1000x1478 1613678677075.jpg)
How much was your XXL Superman costume, Spec?

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:03:39 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95838 del
(863.83 KB 450x500 1613247973047.gif)
>Blue Archive gives out a free ten roll of apologems
>accidently sent it to some players twice
>to rectify this they just give everyone another 10 roll worth of apologems
That fluffy kitsune tail will be mine...

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:04:56 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95839 del
(3.55 MB 3200x1800 87208182_p0.png)
>NTR, yuri, and a loli in a fursuit
Dunno bro, that sounds like Japan to me...

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:05:48 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95840 del
(871.27 KB 1000x1767 EunegryUcAUpJr0.jpg)
It's on back-order.
Becasue covid, you understand.

Post your rolls.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:08:30 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95841 del
(201.47 KB 1280x720 Euj5NgwVcAUH3uD.jpg)
I will when her gacha goes up in a week. At the rate I'm going I'm gonna have enough to spark her anyway.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:10:18 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95842 del
(4.14 MB 1556x2200 87899789_p0.jpg)
HOLY SHIT that's a fluffy tail!

Gilgamesh 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:11:22 Id: d2dde0 [Preview] No.95843 del
(1.55 MB 1000x1000 1613710955096.png)
I'm sure COVID increased demand, not reduced supply.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:12:22 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95844 del
(152.51 KB 673x1200 EujlcrCVIAMZdiw.jpg)
Weeb, post an image of her gun, something looks off about it from that image.

Wouldn't surprise me. Now all those men have to be at home while it happens, not risk coming home early.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:14:07 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95845 del
(96.70 KB 983x792 EuWsl7mUYAQiPVz.jpg)
I will fluff that tail.
I don't think there's a good image of her gun yet.

Gilgamesh 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:18:58 Id: d2dde0 [Preview] No.95846 del
(1.55 MB 1000x1000 1613710955096.png)
Just think of living with a woman through the last year and being forced to realize how often their phone gets blown up.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:20:43 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95847 del
(252.42 KB 664x828 86551207_p2_1.jpg)


Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:21:23 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95848 del
(148.68 KB 1037x1659 EulLyHUVgAApf4G.jpg)

Gilgamesh 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:22:20 Id: d2dde0 [Preview] No.95849 del
(65.48 KB 960x638 1613275822651.jpg)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:24:15 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95850 del
(1006.82 KB 1740x1053 86612438_p5.png)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:26:53 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95851 del
(365.86 KB 700x989 78816422_p0.jpg)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:27:16 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95852 del
(99.96 KB 1029x1182 EunVtfEXEAEYhGB.jpg)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:29:26 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95853 del
(8.15 KB 294x325 EmwkVseVkAs2ZM0.png)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:30:48 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95854 del
(108.86 KB 675x1024 EugWPwbVEAUqmBS.jpg)
No fightan?

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:38:39 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95855 del
(339.45 KB 1674x1674 EueOmxHVkAA7c-c.jpg)
I'm hanging out in training mode.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:39:03 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95856 del
(99.96 KB 1029x1182 EunVtfEXEAEYhGB.jpg)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:39:33 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95857 del
(1.47 MB 1904x1350 87892455_p1.png)
What characters are available for ya?

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:41:14 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95858 del
(2.26 MB 2120x1590 1613589861521.png)
Everyone except anji and the unannounced character.
I've been playing ky, mostly.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:45:08 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95859 del
(6.58 MB 3101x5649 87891298_p0.png)

Shoulda known...

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 04:47:04 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95860 del
(113.28 KB 280x280 1613711114524.gif)
He's who I played in xrd.

Gilgamesh 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:02:56 Id: d2dde0 [Preview] No.95861 del
(2.83 MB 898x652 1613707219838.webm)

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:06:17 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95862 del
(19.55 MB 3114x5377 image.png)

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:10:13 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95863 del
(1.72 MB 1170x1595 image.png)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:10:36 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95864 del
(927.03 KB 926x1899 87904413_p0.jpg)
Yeah yeah.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:11:45 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95865 del
Hu go back to bed.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:12:37 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95866 del
(765.29 KB 845x1099 image.png)
I'm already in bed

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:13:17 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95867 del
(200.17 KB 720x1209 EupQhOlUUAI034C.jpg)

Gilgamesh 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:14:06 Id: d2dde0 [Preview] No.95868 del
Hu, go to your local mosque and proclaim that Jesus Christ is your lord and savior.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:16:00 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95869 del
(758.34 KB 850x602 image.png)
I don't know if there even is a mosque in this city

Gilgamesh 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:16:55 Id: d2dde0 [Preview] No.95870 del
>don't know if there's a mosque in a Danish city
There's at least four.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:18:20 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95871 del
(1.12 MB 850x850 image.png)
maybe in Copenhagen

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:19:06 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95872 del

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:28:09 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95873 del
(707.77 KB 850x1202 image.png)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:32:48 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95874 del
(1.07 MB 1100x1600 84303071_p1.png)

God, they conveniently cover everything about this rifle.
I can't tell what the Hell it's supposed to be.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:33:37 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95875 del
(1.15 MB 850x1012 image.png)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:35:26 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95876 del
(27.60 KB 700x532 nohorny.jpg)

Gilgamesh 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:37:10 Id: d2dde0 [Preview] No.95877 del
I was going to guess the the Mauser ERMA but that seems wrong.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:37:23 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95878 del
(860.03 KB 850x723 image.png)
Or you'll just hit me with the banhammer

Gilgamesh 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:39:50 Id: d2dde0 [Preview] No.95879 del
Oh, derp.
>Jap themed character
It's a Type 100.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:42:38 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95880 del
(10.52 MB 4093x2894 image.png)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:45:31 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95881 del
(175.81 KB 1436x1715 EuOKRBdUcAIOcoh.jpg)
OOOOHHH- That's what the weird bayonet rod thing is then.
Nice, nice.

Y r u being like this?

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:47:03 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95882 del
(101.42 KB 450x450 EuoMRXFUYAAHkzl.png)
ok, now I'm actually here.

Gilgamesh 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:47:25 Id: d2dde0 [Preview] No.95883 del
I was just trying to think of wood stocked side loaders and the ERMA was all that was coming to mind that had a weird bump near the sight. Forgot the type 100 and then saw the break and knew it was the 100.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:49:46 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95884 del
(235.03 KB 1466x2048 Eulse2EXcAYXHvh.jpg)
What happened?

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:50:20 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95885 del
(113.28 KB 280x280 1613711114524.gif)
Got dragged off to play anti-chess.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:51:56 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95886 del
(1.29 MB 850x1202 image.png)
It could be a lot worse

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:54:07 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95887 del
(1.66 MB 408x448 1582619590155.gif)
Hell is that?

There's a whole 'nother board to go do that to.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:54:52 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95888 del
(191.54 KB 500x500 1612834387881.gif)
Yeah, they covered it with her name but its still a bit better look than the previous image.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:55:22 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95889 del
(1.26 MB 850x1202 image.png)
I know. And it lead to Mikan appearing yesterday

Gilgamesh 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:57:09 Id: d2dde0 [Preview] No.95890 del
Did he implode about the rumors that Senwhater that's the shark vtuber is a tranny?

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 05:58:45 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95891 del
(1.68 MB 800x1120 image.png)
Nah. He only really complained about all the lewd pics

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:00:52 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95892 del
(394.12 KB 600x500 1613248026193.gif)
Is this true? That would be fucking hilarious, and then sad because you know all the simps would still give her hundreds of thousands of dollars in superchats each month no matter what.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:00:59 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95893 del
(596.23 KB 740x1800 87644474_p0.jpg)
That's alright, Tsuchi solved the mystery.

Why isn't your dick appearing in Mikan?

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:02:08 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95894 del
(151.11 KB 320x480 1612814319089.gif)
Yeah, I saw. Nice.

Gilgamesh 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:02:53 Id: d2dde0 [Preview] No.95895 del
Do paypigs even care?

>Tsuchi solved the mystery.
God bless our gun autisms.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:04:36 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95896 del
(139.74 KB 1006x156 image.png)
Because Corona, or something.

I can't even follow this conversation tbh. Too many words I don't know the meaning of

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:08:01 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95897 del
(1.21 MB 935x1453 87838256_p0.png)
Maybe Blue Archive will help us find a gun for Weeb.

That's BS.

Gilgamesh 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:10:27 Id: d2dde0 [Preview] No.95898 del
(109.62 KB 500x409 1613535906350.jpg)
>Weeb moves to Japan
>China keeps asserting itself in international waters
>Japans repeals its constitution's commitment to pacifism
>Weeb gets guns in Japan
Here's to hoping, bros.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:10:46 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95899 del
(1.16 MB 850x1601 image.png)
yeah. She just keeps turning down my advances. She has no idea what she's missing out on

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:11:43 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95900 del
(274.76 KB 512x512 laughing hentai girl.png)
>>Weeb moves to Japan

Gilgamesh 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:14:10 Id: d2dde0 [Preview] No.95901 del
(232.91 KB 1072x1516 76483885_p0.jpg)
Or he can just run around Niggerville, KY with a tanto and a 7mm Baby Nambu.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:15:41 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95902 del
(102.74 KB 752x1062 DnTGgjlUcAAETfU.jpg)
There's gotta be something we're doin' wrong here.

When Weeb finally snaps.

Gilgamesh 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:17:46 Id: d2dde0 [Preview] No.95903 del
>"Glorious nippon pistol, folded over 1000 times."

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:18:30 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95904 del
(1.31 MB 850x1233 image.png)
Maybe she's just lesbian and that's why she talks to traps and posts on /yuri/

Mot 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:23:23 Id: 705ce9 [Preview] No.95905 del
(119.55 KB 937x587 no pretty women.jpg)
Having attractive women, or even a woman, must be a sin in the western world now.

Gilgamesh 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:24:19 Id: d2dde0 [Preview] No.95906 del
I've not seen a single person actually wanting D2's remaster.

Mot 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:27:26 Id: 705ce9 [Preview] No.95907 del
I never played it, but it doesn't seem like there's a big reason besides they wanted an easy cash grab. Just update the visuals and you're gold.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:28:28 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95908 del
(141.83 KB 680x143 image.png)
poor girl

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:31:35 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95909 del
(391.88 KB 2340x1080 1613573132539.jpg)
They don't, that was my point.
Just give me Arisu's fridge.
Video game women aren't allowed to be attractive anymore because its offensive to ugly girls, just look at how mad people got about the Xenoblade 2 girls being in Smash.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:33:12 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95910 del

Mot 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:34:17 Id: 705ce9 [Preview] No.95911 del
>just look at how mad people got about the Xenoblade 2 girls being in Smash.
Is this real? Either way it's not inclusive. :^)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:54:01 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95912 del
(1.26 MB 1500x1425 EuCFoiwUUAERvin.jpg)
Chess but you're trying to lose.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:54:20 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95913 del
(1.15 MB 1370x1370 aris_01.png)

I made the mistake of looking at the twitter trend for it, and it was pretty much nothing but butthurt ugly bitches and their white knights, or people who were convinced Nintendo added them as a tribute to some dead nigger eceleb. I also remember people tried to stir shit about it back when Xenoblade 2 first released.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:55:36 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95914 del
(390.24 KB 580x930 87906916_p0.jpg)
Oh, so chess but I'd actually be good at it.

Mmm, well- I have some bad news for you.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:56:43 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95915 del
(101.52 KB 1000x1000 EukrO-_UUAMdwxr.jpg)
Yeah, but you actually are forced to take pieces if you can, so it's all about suiciding intelligently.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:57:03 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95916 del
(656.33 KB 900x927 1612608038135.jpg)
That portable railguns are in fact, not a real thing?

Mot 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:58:21 Id: 705ce9 [Preview] No.95917 del
Those posts are really a minority. Problem is that companies look at it like a majority. Reminds me of that Family Guy episode.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 06:59:15 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95918 del
(1.41 MB 1200x1700 75842930_p1.jpg)
Ran, if there's anything I'm damn good at...

No, it's that you can't own them.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 07:01:23 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95919 del
(192.21 KB 1084x1650 EugpAxiVcAYnOoF.jpg)
I'm sure you'd accidentally kill your opponent before yourself.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 07:01:37 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95920 del
That actually sound pretty difficult

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 07:02:07 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95921 del
(114.54 KB 268x430 1612915329632.png)
Yeah, most people don't give a shit, but the ones who do are very vocal about it, which is why companies see it like that. And on top of that those types seem to have infiltrated most western gaming companies which is why you see shit like the Diablo 2 remaster you posted early.
Don't watch Family Guy so I don't get the reference.
But muh rights...

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 07:02:36 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95922 del
(101.42 KB 450x450 EuoMRXFUYAAHkzl.png)
It's harder than you think.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 07:03:40 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95923 del
I'd probably do the opening as white, which in a regular game would result in a checkmate in a total of 4 moves

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 07:03:57 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95924 del
(181.26 KB 1920x1080 1566500962161.jpg)
Ow... Ow... Ow...

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 07:05:19 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95925 del
(113.28 KB 280x280 1613711114524.gif)
That's not how it works.
See >>95915

I'm not even joking! It's hard!

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 07:08:01 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95926 del
(176.52 KB 1920x1080 1566498290453.jpg)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 07:08:19 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95927 del
(452.28 KB 2070x3060 EugpUYeVEAUxoj2.jpg)
Yes it is?

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 07:12:33 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95928 del
I know. It still sounds like a decent opening

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 07:13:23 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95929 del
Could be. We couldn't figure out the real good strats.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 07:13:35 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95930 del
(370.21 KB 1280x720 1568654608614.jpg)
I still bet I could do it.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 07:14:20 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95931 del
(489.30 KB 2109x2979 Etx5fx0VgAUy-bx.jpg)
we'll just have to find out one of these days.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 07:27:08 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95932 del
The best strat is to pull Ran into your lap and pet him. Then you've already won!

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 07:30:41 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95933 del
(175.82 KB 1000x872 hu2.jpg)
wait a minute, that aint chess..

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 07:38:53 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95934 del
*petpet* :3

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 07:39:39 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95935 del

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 07:55:55 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95936 del
(170.44 KB 600x500 1611419062903.gif)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 07:57:34 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95937 del
(365.50 KB 1452x1894 2019-09-27_04-26-28.jpg)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 07:58:20 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95938 del
(227.33 KB 1200x1933 87809807_p0.jpg)
gif bro posted a tool to make gifs, I might try it out.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 07:58:52 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95939 del
(751.47 KB 1920x1080 1611313792541.jpg)

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 07:59:58 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95940 del

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:00:43 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95941 del
(348.95 KB 429x1433 6.jpg)
Doin' okay?


#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:03:06 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95942 del
if you do, do report back.
If it can make gifs from a video, that sounds pretty handy.

Though could make "a tool too".
ffmpeg can dump each frame to files, then you could iterate over those files and throw them in GIMP using its command-line options, then get GIMP with the gif extension to output a gif.

Just requires GIMP and ffmpeg.. And someone to write the script

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:03:36 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95943 del
(188.71 KB 300x400 1611419062902.gif)
Finally you can get your crying Sylphie. Probably too much work for me though.
Thinkin' 'bout makin' chicken nuggies...

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:04:02 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95944 del
Or just use ffmpeg directly, lmao.
Fucking ffmpeg

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:05:43 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95946 del
>EasyVideoCrop requires 3 external programs: ffmpeg, ffprobe, and Imagemagick.
wonder why it doesn't just ship with those

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:07:05 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95947 del
>Imagemagick is an image manipulation tool, it's used here to create .gif files. While ffmmpeg can create gif animations as well, it does a terrible job compared to imagemagick.
Good to know.
I guess what this program does is essentially what I described earlier.
nice :3

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:07:20 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95948 del
(366.53 KB 1280x1807 1583687658471.jpg)
damn, the 2am nuggies.
What kind?

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:08:27 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95949 del
(1.03 MB 1280x720 1611860512967.png)
Um... the normal kind?

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:09:19 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95950 del
(195.54 KB 1138x2048 dr.jpg)
like. are you making them by hand, or are they a brand?

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:09:59 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95951 del
(732.35 KB 356x200 no-time.gif)
dunno. Seems ffmpeg alone can do a fine enough job

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:10:48 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95952 del
cropping is still nice however

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:11:29 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95953 del
(981.34 KB 1280x720 1610644146734.png)
Making them by hand would be too much work for me.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:11:54 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95954 del
(433.12 KB 1500x1071 1611068599174.jpg)
Forget nuggies, I'd like to order snuggies, and a large hug.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:13:00 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95955 del
(1.25 MB 840x1200 ra3.png)
I figured, yeah.

Not much we can do about that over the net.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:14:27 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95956 del
(432.22 KB 540x540 1612791148873.gif)
Don't worry, I'll give you your single weekly government allotted hug.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:15:05 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95957 del
(411.16 KB 914x764 butt.jpg)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:16:01 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95958 del
(1.13 MB 1500x2121 Es-Lx4JVoAAkyXV.jpg)
>doesn't offer online orders with curbside pickup
This some bullshit. Hell kinda place they trying to run here?

It's the $2k checks all over again!

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:17:22 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95959 del
This is your operation, remember.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:22:19 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95960 del
(1.86 MB 452x382 1613463116941.gif)
Hopefully in the future I'll have a woman to make handmade chicken nuggies for me...
I am sorry, but this is all Uncle Joe can offer you at the moment.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:22:31 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95961 del
Damn, I was just about to ask for the manager too...

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:23:28 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95962 del
(362.53 KB 800x1029 cow.jpg)
You're not thinking big enough, weeb.
You need a woman you can make nuggies with together

It's you. You're the manager.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:23:41 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95963 del
(119.68 KB 970x1370 EshBuiDVcAIqK7k.jpg)
I applaud Weed's ability to keep avoiding the question, I can't tell if it's intentional or not.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:25:05 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95964 del
(126.98 KB 1920x1080 1523207915784.jpg)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:25:14 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95965 del
(71.72 KB 445x720 1612456581161.jpg)
Thats nice, but women should serve men.
I am dumb.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:26:47 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95966 del
(176.07 KB 850x1133 az.jpg)
yes, fuck.


Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:28:37 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95967 del
(251.44 KB 467x405 1611860512966.png)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:28:46 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95968 del
(516.85 KB 1060x1300 86246835_p3.jpg)
Got the recipe for the batter and everything.


Alright, everyone go home for the night, we're closin' early.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:30:42 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95969 del
(228.70 KB 1280x720 1612719108781.jpg)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:31:10 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95970 del
(240.13 KB 1030x1300 butte.jpg)
tell that to ur girl and see how it goes.

thanks boss.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:33:34 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95971 del
(253.24 KB 455x468 1514588169368.png)

Make sure to check the updated hours on the schedule on your way out.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:35:35 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95972 del
(176.48 KB 1920x1080 1613763027333.jpg)
k I'll report back when the time comes.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:37:25 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95973 del
(1.71 MB 1600x900 1517518267340.webm)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:38:21 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95974 del
wonder who is getting stuck with the night shift.


Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:41:16 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95975 del
(126.06 KB 1280x720 1611247481561.jpg)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:42:47 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95976 del
(1.51 MB 1920x1080 thumbs up.png)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:43:31 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95977 del
(1.76 MB 450x551 Yuri.gif)
You all have MET to cover for Mot, since he's a no show.
Tsuchi is moved to days.
Horse has three days PTO.


Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:44:24 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95978 del
(280.18 KB 850x1105 EugMfsXVoAM-_uW.jpg)
...slave driver.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:46:49 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95979 del
(185.07 KB 1280x720 1550510547694.jpg)
And you all have diversity training on Monday.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:47:52 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95980 del
(135.93 KB 1280x720 1611852362282.jpg)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:48:25 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95981 del
(317.03 KB 827x1109 yy.jpg)
>diversity training
>the entire staff is white dudes

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:48:34 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95982 del
**>nah, I can't use them. You need special credentials to use them
<man, if I had a license they'd probably just throw me into some manual labor job
love Haku**

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:48:52 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95983 del
wait, you cannot do spoiler on multiple lines
oh well

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:50:37 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95984 del
(466.04 KB 480x360 1612446675684.gif)

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:51:21 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95985 del
please no bully

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:53:25 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95986 del
(2.08 MB 1181x1748 78063859_p6.jpg)

Exactly why you need it!

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:56:33 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95987 del
(291.46 KB 1190x1684 EuKQ8q9VgAICi2s.jpg)
you can diversify this dick

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:57:12 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95988 del
Spec is one lucky dude

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:58:33 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.95989 del
(301.38 KB 1920x1080 1613698648085.jpg)

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:58:47 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95990 del
I'll just bully back then!

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:59:31 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95991 del
(503.51 KB 600x795 77493483_p3.png)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:59:49 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95992 del
(120.63 KB 708x1000 EKV1XH0UwAABQIE.jpg)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 09:00:26 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95993 del
(354.19 KB 844x347 slurp.png)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 09:02:33 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95994 del
(2.94 MB 2533x2030 Ee0qb2RUMAI994N.jpg)
Just don't tell HR, okay?

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 09:10:21 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.95995 del
(205.92 KB 1448x2048 EuRkQZ_VcAkV_oW.jpg)
aren't you hr too?

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 09:13:33 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95997 del
(150.26 KB 1200x1200 1556450336385.jpg)
I put in my resignation today.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 09:15:13 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.95998 del
If resigning meant you could spend a night with Ran, I don't blame ya

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 09:20:36 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.95999 del
(1.17 MB 2121x3000 84548020_p0.jpg)
Nah, I got offered a better position somewhere else.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 09:21:54 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96000 del
on Ran's lap, yeah :3

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 09:25:36 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96001 del
(250.69 KB 1450x2048 EuhRvqwU4AAWH6A.jpg)
No, I'll be working with a a team of two others on some independent projects.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 09:28:22 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96002 del
(1.01 MB 905x1280 1595786420001.png)

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 10:39:13 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96003 del
(1.42 MB 850x1109 image.png)

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 12:46:24 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96005 del
(778.68 KB 850x1133 image.png)

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 13:02:40 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96006 del
(411.00 KB 711x579 image.png)

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 13:51:53 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96007 del
(1.06 MB 850x1202 image.png)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 16:03:35 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.96008 del
(375.95 KB 1280x720 1613119979045.jpg)
Poor lonely Hu.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 18:11:43 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96009 del
I know right? :<

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 18:22:39 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.96010 del
(134.48 KB 400x500 1612791109816.gif)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 18:23:34 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96011 del
(366.85 KB 1000x1443 87885492_p0.jpg)
He's used to it.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 18:25:01 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96012 del
(1.43 MB 850x1318 image.png)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 18:28:08 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.96013 del
(170.44 KB 600x500 1611419062903.gif)
Almost as used to it as you.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 18:29:27 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96014 del
(175.81 KB 1436x1715 EuOKRBdUcAIOcoh.jpg)

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 18:30:43 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96015 del
(1.57 MB 850x1140 image.png)
this very feel..

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 18:32:09 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96016 del
(213.79 KB 788x764 1592890883658.png)

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 18:33:20 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96017 del
(1012.51 KB 850x850 image.png)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 18:34:04 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.96018 del
(898.93 KB 1280x720 1610643894095.png)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 18:34:56 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96019 del
(4.26 MB 1668x2388 87387700_p1.png)

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 18:37:20 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96020 del
(1.12 MB 850x1075 image.png)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 18:39:27 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96021 del
(123.69 KB 1087x777 87921670_p0.jpg)
What you are, I was; what I am, you will be.


Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 18:40:47 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.96022 del
(479.94 KB 500x500 1610824799614.gif)

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 18:41:59 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96023 del
(1.31 MB 848x1200 image.png)
life is so terrible

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 18:44:24 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96024 del
(569.31 KB 1000x1408 87687455_p0.jpg)
. . .

I hate it.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 18:46:57 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96025 del
(1.57 MB 850x1208 image.png)
at least we have each other, right?

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 18:48:01 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96026 del
(664.71 KB 1287x1285 87399010_p16.jpg)
Ew, no, fuck off.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 18:48:22 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.96027 del
(230.70 KB 500x500 1610824799615.gif)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 18:50:19 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96028 del
(1.04 MB 1360x765 84398342_p0.png)

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 18:52:31 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96029 del
(504.02 KB 850x526 image.png)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 18:54:23 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.96030 del
(739.26 KB 412x453 1610643894094.gif)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 18:56:13 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96031 del
(2.01 MB 1920x1080 87535524_p0.png)

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 18:57:26 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96032 del

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:01:49 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96033 del
(37.22 KB 116x116 1609526867773.png)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:03:17 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.96034 del
(80.25 KB 488x687 1610645107018.jpg)
Do something about it then.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:05:57 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96035 del

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:07:39 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96036 del
(2.62 MB 2957x2380 86006844_p2.jpg)
What are you doin' or are you passing out soon?


#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:08:38 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96037 del
(681.58 KB 850x638 image.png)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:10:25 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.96038 del
(79.35 KB 606x720 1610645306276.jpg)
Contemplating whether or not to take a nap before I have to visit my grandmother in a few hours.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:17:59 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96039 del
(1.49 MB 1166x1631 87894799_p0.png)
Why would you post that?

Say hi to Nana for us.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:19:05 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96040 del
(5.54 MB 3035x2150 image.png)
because you're a faggot

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:21:10 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96041 del
(1.20 MB 1500x1210 59290054_p3.png)

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:21:46 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96042 del
(1.22 MB 850x1202 image.png)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:23:42 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96043 del
(1.68 MB 1449x2125 70267660_p0.png)
That's an image to post at Weeb, that's his girl.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:25:28 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.96044 del
(443.80 KB 1280x720 1611910169812.jpg)

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:25:39 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96045 del
(1.07 MB 850x1210 image.png)
I thought you were his girl

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:28:20 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96046 del
(14.39 MB 2968x4285 87656321_p0.png)
"Nana, a buncha internet randos said hi!"

The only girl on this entire site is Fox.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:29:30 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.96047 del
(1.51 MB 1615x1377 EupqbFvVEAIHrRR.jpg)

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:29:45 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96048 del
(1.37 MB 850x1198 image.png)
that bottom finally found herself a girlfriend, can you believe it?

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:30:22 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96049 del
(658.15 KB 800x1000 image.png)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:31:38 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.96050 del
(441.96 KB 2508x2508 EuUisB8VgAAnp0s.jpg)
I'm stuck.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:31:52 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96051 del
(525.69 KB 2160x3200 86145913_p0.jpg)
Now if only you'd find some rope to hang yourself.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:34:03 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96052 del
(1.63 MB 1744x1104 image.png)
stuck? In traffic, or where?

Why so mean? :<

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:35:27 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96053 del
(72.72 KB 442x437 1613610178135.jpg)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:35:28 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.96054 del
(71.72 KB 445x720 1612456581161.jpg)
She'll think its sweet.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:36:05 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.96055 del
(205.92 KB 1448x2048 EuRkQZ_VcAkV_oW.jpg)
At home.
All the cars are out of comission at the moment, somehow.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:37:28 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96056 del
(1.42 MB 850x1215 image.png)

Being stuck at home ain't too bad

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:38:02 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.96057 del
(280.18 KB 850x1105 EugMfsXVoAM-_uW.jpg)
what u on?

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:39:27 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.96058 del
(327.85 KB 550x991 1612550316182.jpg)
...A chair?

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:39:34 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96059 del
(6.47 MB 2000x2736 85931099_p0.png)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:40:47 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.96060 del
(1.04 MB 1000x1742 87791394_p0.jpg)
not when you were trying to go somewhere

chari gang

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:42:26 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96061 del
(1.51 MB 850x1127 image.png)
why so mean indeed? :<

where you going?

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:45:21 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.96062 del
(197.24 KB 876x1433 EubdfBlVoAAgtR-.jpg)
was going to go out shopping, but no dice.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:45:27 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96063 del
(888.03 KB 1000x1248 87821825_p0.jpg)
Because you suck, and I hate you.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:48:39 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96064 del
(1.18 MB 850x1159 image.png)
rip :<
Hope you at least got all the necessities..


Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:50:02 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.96065 del
(803.48 KB 1191x1684 87736707_p0.jpg)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:51:23 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96066 del
(2.24 MB 1138x2873 87277907_p0.jpg)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:52:36 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96067 del
(818.42 KB 2592x3395 EsSf2MaXAAA1oY4.jpg)
>apple store card
Me when Baal comes out this summer.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:53:03 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96068 del
(1.01 MB 850x1202 image.png)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:56:07 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96069 del
(1.64 MB 1000x1414 86188590_p1.jpg)
Sad elf posting won't help you.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:58:07 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96070 del
(798.56 KB 850x1202 image.png)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:59:27 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96071 del
(2.38 MB 1536x2048 86840089_p1.png)
Lewd posting especially won't help you.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 19:59:39 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.96072 del
(258.79 KB 500x500 1612446675683.gif)
Don't do it bro... It ain't worth it bro...

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 20:00:53 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96073 del
(366.85 KB 1000x1443 87885492_p0.jpg)
But... But...

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 20:01:13 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96074 del
(1.18 MB 850x1203 image.png)
nothing at all with my name attached to it will help. I already know you'll forever despise me

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 20:02:59 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96075 del
(9.35 MB 3508x2480 87804695_p0.jpg)
Sure, that's not gonna stop me from reminding you though.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 20:03:46 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96076 del

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 20:05:32 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.96077 del
(151.11 KB 320x480 1612814319089.gif)
Fine, but I hope you enjoy spending 400 bucks for Diluc.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 20:07:38 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96078 del
(3.72 MB 6125x5077 87928354_p0.jpg)

I'm gonna spend $400 to widen your asshole.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 20:09:30 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.96079 del
(114.54 KB 268x430 1612915329632.png)
Gonna cost you more than that.

#Hupony 02/20/2021 (Sat) 20:10:14 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96080 del

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 20:13:35 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96081 del
(95.78 KB 438x461 shut yor mouf.png)

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 20:15:04 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.96082 del
(83.26 KB 594x539 1613667281121.jpg)

Mot 02/20/2021 (Sat) 21:24:53 Id: 705ce9 [Preview] No.96083 del
(19.64 KB 228x227 1470025748556.jpg)
>there's a discord link thread
I'm afraid of where that goes.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 21:25:58 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96084 del
(105.83 KB 831x770 Screenshot_1529.png)

Mot 02/20/2021 (Sat) 21:27:39 Id: 705ce9 [Preview] No.96085 del
(34.51 KB 612x507 1470296622571.jpg)
Probably just a cover up.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 21:30:13 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96086 del
(186.08 KB 360x443 1606285161905.png)
It's an alarmingly large amount of members.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 21:35:43 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.96087 del
(113.28 KB 280x280 1613711114524.gif)
coom is a universal appeal.

Mot 02/20/2021 (Sat) 21:36:10 Id: 705ce9 [Preview] No.96088 del
(61.33 KB 284x250 1470130659774.png)
That's a lot of pdfiles.

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 21:40:12 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96089 del
(235.03 KB 1466x2048 Eulse2EXcAYXHvh.jpg)
Well at least they all gather in one place so they're easier to find.

Mot 02/20/2021 (Sat) 21:41:34 Id: 705ce9 [Preview] No.96090 del
(12.37 KB 227x227 1469431004353.jpg)
You're a universal appeal.

Moths to a fire.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 21:44:56 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.96091 del
(101.42 KB 450x450 EuoMRXFUYAAHkzl.png)

スペク 02/20/2021 (Sat) 21:46:05 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96092 del
(6.08 MB 3543x5906 87924043_p0.jpg)
We're gonna need more than fire at this point, Mot.

Mot 02/20/2021 (Sat) 22:07:56 Id: 705ce9 [Preview] No.96093 del
(141.60 KB 404x489 1469700481966.png)
Am I?

CBT(not cock and ball torture)?

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 22:24:48 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.96094 del
(148.68 KB 1037x1659 EulLyHUVgAApf4G.jpg)
it's possible.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 22:34:48 Id: 636402 [Preview] No.96095 del
(80.19 KB 714x960 65791213_p10.jpg)
Tell them to face the wall.

Anonymous 02/21/2021 (Sun) 01:08:19 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.96096 del
(99.96 KB 1029x1182 EunVtfEXEAEYhGB.jpg)

Expoti 02/21/2021 (Sun) 01:59:55 Id: cf6d58 [Preview] No.96097 del
(1.25 MB 1318x1067 1599779727721.png)

スペク 02/21/2021 (Sun) 03:15:11 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96098 del
(569.31 KB 1000x1408 87687455_p0.jpg)

Expoti 02/21/2021 (Sun) 03:26:57 Id: 03959d [Preview] No.96099 del
(1.73 MB 500x280 1602703187077.gif)

スペク 02/21/2021 (Sun) 03:28:37 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96100 del
(639.00 KB 1036x1450 EtKZVAVVEAAg20B.jpg)
Well you didn't tell me the other house was in Cairo, Horse.

Expoti 02/21/2021 (Sun) 03:31:15 Id: 03959d [Preview] No.96101 del
(1.73 MB 500x280 1602703187077.gif)
Gotta keep you on your toes, of course.

スペク 02/21/2021 (Sun) 03:35:31 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96102 del
(9.66 MB 2500x3633 86081607_p0.jpg)
Enjoyin' yourself thus far?

Expoti 02/21/2021 (Sun) 03:37:01 Id: 03959d [Preview] No.96103 del
(1004.14 KB 500x281 1607000389654.gif)
Not really, no.
How's Spectre?

スペク 02/21/2021 (Sun) 03:39:35 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96104 del
(4.53 MB 1920x1568 85766209_p0.jpg)
Why not?

Expoti 02/21/2021 (Sun) 03:41:28 Id: 03959d [Preview] No.96105 del
(1004.14 KB 500x281 1607000389654.gif)
Didn't get to watch as much anime as I wanted. Children running around making banshee noises. It's all pretty awful.
Have you considered not being lonely?

スペク 02/21/2021 (Sun) 03:43:38 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96106 del
(1.86 MB 2894x4093 85076033_p0.jpg)
That's okay, it's good practice for when your own little banshees are running around in a few years.

Expoti 02/21/2021 (Sun) 03:45:11 Id: 03959d [Preview] No.96107 del
(1004.14 KB 500x281 1607000389654.gif)
At the rate I'm going, there's a 0% chance of any banshees of my own.
Forever alone is eternal.

Expoti 02/21/2021 (Sun) 03:52:00 Id: 03959d [Preview] No.96108 del
(2.73 MB 1200x969 image.png)

スペク 02/21/2021 (Sun) 03:53:24 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96109 del
(1.42 MB 1091x1655 85349472_p0.png)
I said a few years Horse, a few years, give it at least a few years!

Expoti 02/21/2021 (Sun) 03:55:28 Id: 03959d [Preview] No.96110 del
(1.73 MB 500x280 1602703187077.gif)
I'm not getting any younger, Spectre.
There's no marketability for this horse as is. A few years will make it worse.

スペク 02/21/2021 (Sun) 03:59:29 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96111 del
(1.04 MB 1500x2394 85650041_p0.jpg)

Expoti 02/21/2021 (Sun) 04:01:01 Id: 03959d [Preview] No.96112 del
(1.73 MB 500x280 1602703187077.gif)

Anonymous 02/21/2021 (Sun) 04:26:31 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.96113 del
(379.30 KB 1448x2048 EuqRM6bVEAA9_v1.jpg)

スペク 02/21/2021 (Sun) 04:27:40 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96114 del
(673.17 KB 1000x1000 72152500_p0.jpg)

Mot 02/21/2021 (Sun) 04:27:49 Id: 705ce9 [Preview] No.96115 del
(186.40 KB 658x658 1520674610809.jpg)

Anonymous 02/21/2021 (Sun) 04:36:16 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.96117 del
(101.52 KB 1000x1000 EukrO-_UUAMdwxr.jpg)
What's up?


スペク 02/21/2021 (Sun) 04:38:03 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96118 del
(10.83 MB 3000x4154 87174375_p0.jpg)
Video games.

Anonymous 02/21/2021 (Sun) 04:43:35 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.96119 del
(349.21 KB 1000x1400 EuiN5lXVcAgtPuh.jpg)
Same, actually.
What ya playin'?

スペク 02/21/2021 (Sun) 04:44:19 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96120 del
(1.64 MB 1240x1754 87927862_p0.png)
Nothin' anymore, I just closed it.
How about you? GG demo?

Anonymous 02/21/2021 (Sun) 04:46:50 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.96121 del
(339.34 KB 498x278 shami.gif)
Yeah, Imma do one more round and dip.

スペク 02/21/2021 (Sun) 04:47:51 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96122 del
(496.17 KB 704x1200 87919326_p0.png)
Why only one more?

Anonymous 02/21/2021 (Sun) 04:52:28 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.96123 del
(1.63 MB 1600x1600 EuaqtaHUcAMFbNN.jpg)
I have been playing for a good while already, am getting tired.

スペク 02/21/2021 (Sun) 04:54:56 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96125 del
(941.30 KB 1992x1693 87933180_p0.jpg)
Has it been fun, is it gonna drag ya back into Fightan?


Anonymous 02/21/2021 (Sun) 04:55:32 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.96126 del
More than likely, yeah.
I've already hit the top rank.

Expoti 02/21/2021 (Sun) 04:56:04 Id: 03959d [Preview] No.96127 del
Well that's a little lewd.

スペク 02/21/2021 (Sun) 04:56:51 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96128 del
(819.90 KB 600x900 87923700_p0.png)
Ya just too good.
Any cool changes to your favorite characters you like, or they pretty much the same?

Anonymous 02/21/2021 (Sun) 04:58:33 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.96129 del
(379.30 KB 1448x2048 EuqRM6bVEAA9_v1.jpg)
Ky's hot as fuck now.
They got rid of one of my favorite moves and replaced it with a slightly worse one, but he's still ky with some interesting tweaks.
You basically have to see it as a whole new game, and can't carry an awful lot over from previous GGs.

スペク 02/21/2021 (Sun) 05:00:40 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96130 del
(638.10 KB 1714x1183 87888991_p0.png)

I see...
What was the move they got rid of?
Clean slates can be better, because otherwise it feels too samey. Just the previous game, with new paint.

Expoti 02/21/2021 (Sun) 05:02:14 Id: 03959d [Preview] No.96131 del
That's extra lewd.

スペク 02/21/2021 (Sun) 05:07:36 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96132 del

Expoti 02/21/2021 (Sun) 05:08:34 Id: 03959d [Preview] No.96133 del
Why so lewd though?

スペク 02/21/2021 (Sun) 05:13:41 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96134 del
(279.32 KB 500x500 1613642839655-3.gif)
Dunno... bored.

Expoti 02/21/2021 (Sun) 05:14:49 Id: 03959d [Preview] No.96135 del
Well that's unfortunate.

Gilgamesh 02/21/2021 (Sun) 05:15:35 Id: ce5a2d [Preview] No.96136 del
(625.90 KB 680x970 1613508384765.webm)
I just imagine Horse as a drunk uncle throwing empty beer cans at the kids.

#Hupony 02/21/2021 (Sun) 05:18:48 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96137 del
(1.24 MB 850x1202 image.png)

Expoti 02/21/2021 (Sun) 05:30:41 Id: 03959d [Preview] No.96138 del
I haven't, but I could see myself doing that.

Gilgamesh 02/21/2021 (Sun) 05:41:40 Id: ce5a2d [Preview] No.96139 del
Beat on those kids' asses like a school principal.

Expoti 02/21/2021 (Sun) 05:45:53 Id: 03959d [Preview] No.96140 del

Gilgamesh 02/21/2021 (Sun) 05:48:12 Id: ce5a2d [Preview] No.96141 del
(1.55 MB 1000x1000 1613710955096.png)

Anonymous 02/21/2021 (Sun) 06:00:38 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.96142 del
Greed sever. They just gave him a kick instead.

スペク 02/21/2021 (Sun) 06:02:23 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96143 del
(108.86 KB 675x1024 EugWPwbVEAUqmBS.jpg)

Anonymous 02/21/2021 (Sun) 06:03:46 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.96144 del
(113.28 KB 280x280 1613711114524.gif)

スペク 02/21/2021 (Sun) 06:05:04 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96145 del
(358.27 KB 712x900 87924556_p5.jpg)

Gilgamesh 02/21/2021 (Sun) 06:08:05 Id: ce5a2d [Preview] No.96146 del
Are you about to tell him to bend over and cough?

Anonymous 02/21/2021 (Sun) 06:17:22 Id: ced942 [Preview] No.96147 del
(348.96 KB 923x1024 87763592_p0.jpg)

Anonymous 02/21/2021 (Sun) 06:17:42 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.96148 del
(101.42 KB 450x450 EuoMRXFUYAAHkzl.png)

スペク 02/21/2021 (Sun) 06:19:48 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96149 del
(4.87 MB 4411x2480 87920659_p0.jpg)

#Hupony 02/21/2021 (Sun) 06:25:49 Id: 99de89 [Preview] No.96150 del
(1.44 MB 850x1097 image.png)

Anonymous 02/21/2021 (Sun) 06:25:55 Id: 381df9 [Preview] No.96151 del
(472.54 KB 1365x2048 ESV5lMqUwAUTk0E.jpg)
doin' okay?

スペク 02/21/2021 (Sun) 06:28:25 Id: ef759e [Preview] No.96153 del

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