Bernd 11/11/2017 (Sat) 09:56:12 No. 11830 del
I think in a normal life the thought of death can be put easily out of mind as it's an uncertain thing we have barely influence over it. We know it'll happen but usually think of it as something far in the future what we don't have to worry about just right now.
So more immediate sources of stress what grinds us and can wear us down. Some people commit suicide because of it. Or some do mass shootings as a reply to Wind of Hate. Some even imagines that everyone hate or judge them and get social anxiety.
In war lots of deaths seems happenstance too. For example why an artillery shell kills someone just arrived to the front and doesn't kill someone who spent years there? And most of the time it's quite impersonal. But dealing with someone in front of you, his immediate aggression...