Bernd 11/14/2017 (Tue) 05:27:41 No. 11888 del
>How is that personal dynamics weigh more heavily on human minds than random chance of death?

Because it's a form of betrayal. Not by the enemy frontline, but by our own peers who gave the enemy that power: we only recognize the adversarial attitude from experience when our own countrymen hated us more personally than an enemy soldier ever could. Matters of death are fundamentally impersonal, you either live or die but if you die you won't carry that with you, if you lose a limb you get trauma that's already over and done with and you may focus on other things. Humanizing enemy soldiers is merely what opens our eyes to the fact that the humans around us were always enemy-izing us. They don't want you to die for them, but they do want you to live for them, even if miserably. And then get out of the way and die anyway. It's the random chance of death, and then some. Of course its worse.