Bernd 01/01/2018 (Mon) 08:59:41 No.12827 del
I'm not.
I think Ferenc might be moar liek a concept rather than a particular person. I posted my hypothesis back on 8 that it just means furry: the diminutive form of Ferenc (Franz, Francis) is Feri in Hungarian which kinda sounds like furry. Also there's a /feri/ Hungarian board on 8ch.
The plushy guy still posts on KC main, I suspect the other Hungarian who posts here like in every two months might even be him when he's banned for a few days for some trivial reason. But might be I'm wrong. Who knows.

>our post style reminds me of him,
We arr rook simirar.

>I am on the brink of getting a good job/killing myself
Getting a good job sounds good, try that one, with the money you can buy the plushy easy peasy.
Probably I'm not the best person to talk someone out of killing himself but I'd prefer you not do it. I cannot promise I won't mistake than and then in the future tho.
Also we have many great threads to live for. :wink::wink: