Bernd 01/06/2018 (Sat) 10:27:46 No.12930 del
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>I don't speak any Slavic languages so I'm not sure about the sentence structures in them

At least in Russian sentence structure is pretty loose, so you can change word order easily and get same results by changing word endings. Some people like to write in specific style, and their English writing style depends on this. I, for example, tend to overcomplicate everything and write much, even in Russian, and it often sucks.

Translating some sentences may be really hard because Russian lang has only three proper grammatical tenses (past, present, future, and some constructs to make intermediate results), and English has 12 or something like this (at least they said it in school). Using that variability is hard to non-native, especially when he has no real practice except internet speak.

However, most Russians in internet write in Russian like literal retards who didn't even visited a school, even when they are old people. They use short sentences (sometimes even only one short sentence in message), no paragraphs etc. So, if they would write in English, results would be very different. Thankfully, they don't know English at all.