Bernd 01/15/2018 (Mon) 19:26:06 No.13073 del
All right, let's move forward a bit with the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.
These annals follow the years from Augustus (with an honorary mention of Julio Kaiser) to the last Norman king Stephen of Blois. I used a copy from the Project Gutenberg which is a compilation of several copies, of course neither of which the original one. The storms of history and such.
The original and the first copies were probably written at the times of Alfred the Great then they continuously logged new events into them. This makes the post-Alfred stuff contemporary observations and the pre-Alfred events second-hand information added from other sources. This shows in the length and detail of the records ofc.
I only gathered the notes on battles and a great divide can be observed in the style of these descriptions about Alfred's time. I grouped the quotes by this divide.

First I'll post the not so interesting lines. Well, lots of good stuff can be found in those too but neither mentions any fleeing.
Next I'll post those which I found interesting for some reason, most of them mentions some kind of fleeing and pursuit.
Would be nice to post pretty pictures as illustration sadly I lack of suitable ones.
Also most likely I won't finish this today, there are some conclusions waiting to be concluded.