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Here comes the first half of the "boring" stuff, the short notes from Roman, Briton and pre-Viking Anglo-Saxon times. They lack of details and most looks like this: "someone fought someone else at somewhere".

''B.C. 60. Gaius Julius the emperor ... he crushed the Britons in battle, and overcame them
A.D. 189. ... Severus came to the empire; and went with his army into Britain, and subdued in battle a great part of the island.
A.D. 455. ... Hengest and Horsa fought with Wurtgern the king on the spot that is called Aylesford. His brother Horsa being there slain, Hengest afterwards took to the kingdom with his son Esc.
A.D. 465. ... Hengest and Esc fought with the Welsh, nigh Wippedfleet; and there slew twelve leaders, all Welsh. On their side a thane was there slain, whose name was Wipped.
A.D. 473. ... Hengest and Esc fought with the Welsh, and took immense Booty. And the Welsh fled from the English like fire.
A.D. 485. ... Ella fought with the Welsh nigh Mecred's-Burnsted.
A.D. 495. This year came two leaders into Britain, Cerdic and Cynric his son, with five ships, at a place that is called Cerdic's-ore. And they fought with the Welsh the same day. Then he died, and his son Cynric succeeded to the government
A.D. 519. ... Cerdic and Cynric undertook the government of the West-Saxons; ... they fought with the Britons at a place now called Charford
A.D. 527. ... Cerdic and Cynric fought with the Britons in the place that is called Cerdic's-ley.
A.D. 556. ... Cynric and Ceawlin fought with the Britons at Beranbury.
A.D. 571. ... Cuthulf fought with the Britons at Bedford,
A.D. 577. ... Cuthwin and Ceawlin fought with the Britons, and slew three kings,
A.D. 584. ... Ceawlin and Cutha fought with the Britons on the spot that is called Fretherne. There Cutha was slain.
A.D. 628. ... Cynegils and Cwichelm fought with Penda at Cirencester
A.D. 652. ... Kenwal fought at Bradford by the Avon.

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