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From all this, we are the most interested in those lines where the flight took place before the
slaughter and don't sound too much like it's just a way they wrote things.
where the Bretons fought with them, obtained the victory, and drove them out into a river, in which many of them were drowned.
and there fought with him and put him to flight, and slew many thousands of his men.
and fought with them, and put them to flight; and they slew the Earl Rhoald, and the brother of Ohter the other earl, and many of the army.
and fought with them, and put them to flight, and slew a good number of them.
the West-Saxons fierce press'd on the loathed bands; hew'd down the fugitives, and scatter'd the rear, with strong mill-sharpen'd blades ... - My favourite.
And so soon as they joined battle, then the people gave way: and there they made great slaughter, ...
and fought against them, and routed the king at the Standard, and slew very many of his gang.
Not much but still.

We need more picturesque descriptions. Like sagas or what he suggested: >>12624