Bernd 03/11/2018 (Sun) 02:26:10 No.14124 del
Mikael Tavares de Medeiros, an unemployed 18-year old who had been arrested in April 2017 with 13,6g of weed and whose curriculum consists of barely finishing high school and briefly working as a glasses salesman, was nominated to the Ministry of Labor in October 2017. Why? By pure coincidence, his father is a local figure in the Brazilian Labor Party (PTB) not to be confused with the Labor Party of Brazil, a completely different entity, and a nephew of the PTB's head in Congress, Jovair Arantes.
Tavares, however, is formally a member not of the PTB, but of the PMB (Party of the Brazilian Woman). The PTB currently holds the Ministry of Labor. That Ministry caused some controversy upon the attempted appointment of Cristiane Brasil, as it was found that she had previously violated labor legislation, which led Temer to back down from her appointment. Her father, Roberto Jefferson, leads the PTB and is notable for his participating, and later on, denouncing the Mensal√£o scandal.

So what's relevant about this individual? Well, for unclear reasons, he rapidly climbed the ranks and reached an important financial position. Within hours of assuming his post, he authorized a R$ 27 million payment to a firm, Business to Technology (B2T). Over time, he authorized a number of even larger payments. Later inspections by other institutions, however, revealed irregularities such as overpricing in the contracts he approved.

Oh, and can you guess what was B2T hired to do? Antifraud services.

The jokes write themselves.