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Orbán held his usual yearly evaluation speech yesterday, ofc the topic was 2018.
He said everything is good and nice, Hungary is STRONK, our Penis is the Biggest.
Now it's the 7th year that Hungary Performs Better, the economy grew 5%. By population we are the 88th country, but the 34th in export, 20th in car/car parts export, 19th in pharma export, 15. in cereal export. The public dept fell from 85% to 11, minimum wage more than doubled etc etc.
He claimed they did great steps toward the elimination of poverty and they want to go on. He also mentioned how much they did for the middle class. For the future it is important to support entrepreneurs and their effort to make investments in foreign countries so they can bring profit home.
He declared that Fidesz is real patriot, he called the socialists commies and the Jobbik nazi. He also said they killed Hungarians and Jews. The opposition is a joke, they are kept alive by Brussels and Soros' money.
He dropped some /pol/-tier redpills about internationalists in Brussels, and how they want to import more migrants, the EU parliament voted a bill to support political NGOs who helps migrants to Europe who get filled credit cards, that they want to create the judicial background to make immigration legal, and punish those countries who resist.
He also said the population change will go down fast with accelerating pace, the migrants will outbreed Christians. He spoke all along about Christians and Muslims, no white or European or such word was used. The nations of mixed countries (as in mixed Christians and Muslims) will turn into dust on the roadside of the highway of folks. Timmermans is an agent of Soros.
Finally he said instead of migration we'll make Hungarian babies. To support his the Fidesz will make new laws based on existing ones to support families. He draw up a 7 points "family preserving action":
1. Every woman below 40 gets 30 000 € for their first marriage as a reduced rate loan. But. At the first child, the payments will be put on hold for 3 years, at the second child again 3 years and the third of the money will be forgiven, at the third kid the whole.
2. They will modify the CSOK, a law that gives money for buying/building a home. All in all with the first point a family could get even 70-100 thousands € support.
3. In case of mortgage loan, for two kids the state will redeem 3000 €, three kids 12000 €, if there's more children 3-3000 € more for every one of them.
4. Women gave birth to 4 children and raise them get personal income tax immunity.
5. Support buying a car up to 8000 €.
6. Building new nurseries and make them free.
7. Child care support for grandparents - families can decide to put their children in the grandparents "care" - basically allowing both parents to work and still get money for the kids. (For now one parent can stay at home for 2 years I think and get some money, but that parent can't work or no money.)
Two more plans for the future: send secondary school students for 2x2 weeks to a language learning course abroad, and put a healthy sum to medical/healthcare developments.