Bernd 02/11/2019 (Mon) 23:10:59 No.23144 del
>I understand Venezuela relies solely on oil export to support her economy, which means many hands would available on farms to grow crops.
Those hands aren't sitting idle, they have jobs in services or manufacturing and moving them to the fields is suboptimal. The fields don't lack hands; land reform mostly consists of giving plots to those who already work for the oligarchs.
Metropolises in Latin America are already surrounded by belts of smallholders producing food (latifundia aren't the only ones around), and are at a sufficiently high level of prosperity to prevent starvation even with suboptimal food production. Starvation in Venezuela is entirely the product of government policy.
That said, having more smallholders (just a small number) would still have advantages and provide aadditional food security. But the first and easiest layer on the defense against starvation is just not having a horribly incompetent government.