cont. Bernd 03/10/2019 (Sun) 09:21:36 No.23657 del
The leading preacher had other ambitions. He wanted a school and always tried to meddle in it's operation. He wanted a church newspaper than a public one. The first crashed and burnt then the public one degraded into a /pol/-tier tabloid with conspiracy theories and constant sputtering against the catholic church, and prophecies.
Then in late '90s came the new wave. New wave in the preaching. The leading preacher didn't pray to the Holy Spirit anymore - for miracle healings for example - but he sent the Holy Spirit to do his bidding. With this they cultivated mass hysteria among the congregation. Uncontrollable shaking, laughter, crying, kicking, screaming and shit like that. Like in a good American sect.

The book contains all this and more, sprinkled with a good amount of irony and quips. It made me wonder how this church is doing nowadays.