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Finally did a little board spelunking myself. Dipped into the depths of 8chan for a look see. I found my topic, /voros/ not long ago, but it's a young board (I think was set up in last October) so yeah.

But first let's take a look at the first screenshot, red marks Hungarian boards, they all have 4-3 users, I think they are mostly the same everywhere, our language sets a hard barrier. I'm not sure if other boards were made on 8 by my compatriots or only these. I think /kocsog/ and /turul/ are kinda usual random boards with assorted contents, /cicachan/ is animay and /feri/ us furry. Everything is infested with animay ofc, the few numbers of posters allow long dumps of similar contents in themed threads.

/voros/ is the most exciting among these, it's Hungarian politics viewed from far left angle. Voros, or correctly vörös means red, the crimson color of the workers' movement. The tone of discussion is half serious, half ironic, basically every political group gets it's fair share of bashing, even the Munkáspárt (Worker's Party) even who one banner was created out of it's logo.
One thing to note, the poster name is just simply Anonymous, no elvtárs (= comrade) or nothing (tovarish would even more better), it seems these commies can't do anything right.
Tho they sometimes call each other elvtárs during conversation.
Since it's a slow new board I was able to skim it through on one sitting, the whole Catalog comfortably fits in one screenshot. Most of the posts are short (just like the threads), there are some with a longer breath. The three most popular threads: about books, links to a far left news portal, shitposting general. The board also features a thread with assorted links to depositories of leftist literature, writings. Very useful. If you speak our language. But what's the chance for that?
Additional information: the great Hungarian philosopher, Stirner Miksa, is a popular meme there.