Bernd 03/15/2019 (Fri) 20:21:52 No.23759 del
>You are overestimating
I'm not. That's what the Icebreaker says.
>That just common Soviet mismanagement
It sounds like a systematic thing.
>There were plenty of reports about forces movement
Yes there were, still they didn't consider it a threat because they thought it wasn't a preparation for attack (the Germans could have prepared for defence as well). The thing is both sides went through the same motions as if there were a mirror between them (the regrouping to the frontier, the commanders' reconnoitering, the obvious and spectacular buildings of fortifications etc.)
>movement of Soviet forces in early 1941 was and reaction to this.
But the Soviet force movements started after the occupied Poland. The '41 part of it was just a continuation.