Bernd 03/15/2019 (Fri) 21:53:25 No.23760 del
>I'm not. That's what the Icebreaker says.

Sorry, that was just a some wording style.

>It sounds like a systematic thing.

Maybe it is more Russian thing, although I don't know how it was in Empire years. But mismanagement was a big thing in USSR and modern Russia. Conscripts who fell ill with pneumonia because they didn't receive winter clothing is a thing that happens in modern Russia, for example. And this isn't shortage of equipment but just overall stupidity. USSR dissolved mostly because of that stupidity too, although external pressure did some work.

>Yes there were, still they didn't consider it a threat because they thought it wasn't a preparation for attack (the Germans could have prepared for defence as well)

They considered it, at least on military command level. In April and May there were multiple orders to prepare for potential conflict, but they weren't too effective. People rarely too stupid to ignore possibilities, even if they consider them only partially probable.

>But the Soviet force movements started after the occupied Poland. The '41 part of it was just a continuation.

I wrote here about early 1941 movements, when forces were amassed slowly near border. That is argument that Suvorov use to prove attack plan, but, as I wrote before, it could be attributed to reaction of "ally" movements.