Bernd 05/10/2019 (Fri) 09:43:10 No.25758 del
indeed they were, and people dont even think about it for one second.

maybe the industrial revolution is to blame, I dont know. people were being controlled before that too. sometimes I think that the whole protestant revolution was pre planned in order to pave the way for the industrial revolution. it was venetian bankers (jews) who printed the protestant pamphlets for example. martin luther was arrested by the catholic church, and then they just let him go (!). thats a bit strange isnt it when they were burning guys for much less stuff.

>Speaking of working out, I realised that "alpha males" and the Greek idea of masculinity are actually effeminate in nature. It places way too much emphasis on one's own looks, which is something only a woman would do.

alot of the shit can be traced back to the greeks. platos republic is pretty much a perfect illustration how society today is.