Bernd 05/10/2019 (Fri) 22:15:18 No.25826 del
he was in a long line of revolutionaries funded by bankers

there is revolutionaries right now funded by bankers that is doing the same thing as lenin does. people just dont think about it.

>the fun thin is that history cannot be verified and you can speculate on pretty much fucking everything
>also its pretty much full of literal fakes that again cannot be verified
the winners write the history. look at the roman empire. they were homocidal maniacs genociding people left and right and meanwhile when people today think of roman empire they think of colosseum and togas.

when I began reading more about swedish history for example I saw that most of it were lies and more lies. the so called founder of modern sweden gustaf vasa was jewish, jews had been marrying into the house of vasa since at least 1400. some might call this the "black nobility", but pretty much every throne in europe got infiltrated.

wars for me is just human sacrifises, look at the old mystery religions and then connect it to wars. 1/3 of the population died in the 30 years war in germany, who benefitted from that? wars dont just happen by itself.