Bernd 05/11/2019 (Sat) 12:15:16 No.25863 del
I agree with you. Grease built on stuff she imported from around.
But they also had the level of prosperity to support a bunch of good for nothings who had the time to sit/walk around and just ponder on stuff and not had to struggle with day to day living.

Frankly you and Danebernd are tinfoil-hat-tier, tho somewhat in different shade.

That's kinda historical nihilism.

>they were homocidal maniacs genociding people left and right
But they were proud of that nature of theirs, they never wrote history so others could think they are harmless engineers and fashion designers.
>ews had been marrying into the house of vasa since at least 1400. some might call this the "black nobility", but pretty much every throne in europe got infiltrated.
Validate your opinion pls.