Bernd 05/11/2019 (Sat) 20:03:31 No.25870 del
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Yep. It's odd that 4/8chan /pol/ love to screech JIDF when in reality, 4chan/2chan themselves were always "JIDF". There used to be some really good content about it on /horror/ though that's basically just a giant gallery now.
Even the happy merchant meme for example was made by Nick Bougas. He was a Hollywood associate who had an affair with a jewish girl and was friends with LaVey, Aquino, Manson, and all sorts of spooks. Then there's Pepe made by a San Franciscan spook, Wojak, even SPURDO could possibly be a psyop meme (though that's probably a bit of a stretch, pic related, from the infamous Illuminati card game).