Bernd 05/12/2019 (Sun) 08:06:17 No.25876 del
>great argument.
>you are just going to post insults
For you it might be insult. For everyone else it's an observation.

>go read some Suetonius then. do you know how many people julius ceasar enslaved and killed during his rampages in gaul and britain?
Great many sources were left to us about the violent nature of Romans or rather the normal nature of Romans, they weren't more violent than any of their contemporaries, frankly only modern sissy westerners thinks violence is something that people should be embarrassed about. Even you mentioned the Colosseum which was the scene of many bloody games - they even created mosaics about people killing each other, and people killing animals and vice-versa.
Suetonius' basically wrote gossip-books btw.
Historians' job is to compare sources and test them against each other. Every written source is biased and historians know this and historians do "source criticism". But there are sources which aren't written (liek archaeological findings) and - while they can be also open for interpretation - 'bout 100-150 years now these sources are also integrated into their work, written sources tested against these as well.
You also shouldn't mistake ancient "historians" with modern ones. Maybe we call Herodotus the "first historian" but frankly he was just some dude travelling a little and writing shit down he saw and heard.

So you really didn't begin read more about Swedish history just saw some dude's speculation and took it as if it was real because it fits into your peculiar world view?
I dl'd that book and will read a little but right after reading a few paragraphs I can tell he is fraud. I won't even go into the Medici stuff just look at this:
>Henry was mysteriously “elected” King of Poland and Lithuania. Since when were Kings elected? Supposedly the “electors” invited him to rule their country, although he had no former connection to it. Right.
He really lacks information and it shows he only knows about stuff he gathered to fit into his preconceptions. Yes, many Polish kings were elected. Hungarian kings were elected too. HR Emperors were also elected.
It's just eleven pages so I'll probably read it but really sounds painful. Then ofc the Medici stuff because it seems he bases the whole thing on his other research that in truth, Medicis were Jews!