Bernd 05/12/2019 (Sun) 08:44:32 No.25877 del
All right, skimmed that paper and that proves nothing.
It says Catherine Jagiellon, Queen of Sweden was the daughter of Barbara Radziwill who was Jewish. - This is just a statement of his. No actual evidence was shown.
He refers to another paper but not as a proof of Radziwill's Jewish origin but to back another of his claim, that Anna Jagellion might be her daughter as well.
So I dl'd that another paper in the hope that it will verify his claim that Barbara Radziwill was Jewish. But that paper doesn't because he can't. He just presents a series of speculation what others might call a conspiracy theory. He even suggests she was a witch. Otherwise, insinuations and implications, no actual content. And not even source material, no footnotes, endnotes where he get's his "data" and not even a bibliography.
All right, enough of this farce.
This was the list time I go and check the reliability of the stuff you post. From now on I'll just refer to this interlude while dealing with you to spare myself another wild goose chase.
I'm all for speculation and alternative ideas but at least give proper sources for theories. Maybe Suvorov handles his sources bad, but at least he gives actual ones, oftentimes quite accurately.

Oh. One more thing. By the end of the second paper I dl'd (Was Napoleon Jewish?) he writes:
>Do you remember Sigismund III Vasa, who became King of Sweden in 1592? He was the son of Catherine Jagiellon of Poland, who I showed you was probably the daughter of Barbara Radziwiłł.
So it isn't even sure that Catherine was the daughter of Barbara.