Bernd 05/13/2019 (Mon) 13:26:49 No.25916 del
>imageboard culture is a bit like bitcoin. people think they are anonymous whilst its the complete opposite.
Yeah, unless you use a proxy/VPN and are browsing anonymously, you're being spied on by both 4chan and 8chan. Even then, they're honeypots in that every click you make, they record.
>as you point out succinctly the whole anti jew has been created by the people behind the curtain. why? well there is two explanations. the first which is more logical is to create this anti jewish sentiment in order to have the "end times*". the other is just jewish hysteria but its a weak explanation.
Maybe all the anti-jewish stuff is to hide the Swiss Jesuit control. Notice how 4chan and 8chan either shill for Catholic/Orthodox monarchy as the solution for the jewish problem, or alternatively, a new Roman empire that's either Catholic or classic pagan, with anything Protestant or anti-Roman attacked by both sides. Notice all the Templar memes. Again, this guy has things right: