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>danebernd, something that struck me was when I was watching a tv series. conquistadores adventum, it shows the first journoeys made by spain to the new world. and everyone, literally everyone who was the explorer in the first era was an italian. columbus, vespucci, cabot, verrazzano, galeano etc. why all these italians in spanish service? the portugese hired other portugese but not spain.
Spain used Italians for their expeditions. They used "Arab" Iberians and Sephardic jews to actually conquer south America (probably why they were good at desert warfare). Italians though were probably chosen because of their naval experience. There could be some occult stuff behind why Italians were chosen, however. It could be about
>I read somewhere that the templars knew about americas so perhaps they were templars with maps?
Templars died out and went crypto. They took their organisational structure and the documents that they found in Egypt and the Levant and created "freemasonry".
This all coincides with the sudden increase in architecture in Europe.
So fun-fact, the grand cathedrals were all built by proto-masons.