Bernd 05/18/2019 (Sat) 13:21:17 No.26117 del
(231.05 KB 871x567 africans.png)
You mean like this?:
>niggers are degenerate
<I think you know why, picrel
>Americans are degenerate
<consumerism and hedonism, all defining traits of urban American lifestyle, the concept of suburbia as a whole, literally the origin of white trash, etc.
>t-shirts are degenerate
<see >>25754 t-shirts were originally meant to be undershirts, very soulless outfit itself
>blue jeans are degenerate
<more uniformity like with t-shirts, originally created by Levi Strauss as unisex clothes
>wearing short sleeves is degenerate
<pretty much for the same reasons t-shirts in general are degenerate, historically, long sleeves were the way to go
>technology is degenerate
<a large portion of this thread is already dedicated to technology
>science is degenerate
<more-so modern science, a lot of it is very poorly done and doesn't prove anything, is a great tool for the elites to promote homosexuality and transsexuality as "natural", etc.
>all art is degenerate (and graven images)

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