Bernd 09/08/2019 (Sun) 18:00:23 No.29003 del
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Consider this:
1. While he was on /kc/ Bogdan didn't post.
2. Bogdan posted as Sweden for a while few years back.
3. At the time Sweden disappeared Bogdan posted with other balls on Kohl, Romanian and Lithuanian in a short time this made me suspect he isn't abroad just uses VPNs, proxies.
4. Swebernd while wasn't explicitly hostile towards me his banter wasn't a "friendly" one.
5. Swebernd started a thread about Transylvania and the Romanian-Hungarian opposition.
6. On Kohl I think a Texan started the "who is the most unfortunate nation on Earth, and why is the Hungarian the one" thread which was fun as other nationalities (I remember German, Ukro and Armenian) claimed they are, until Bogdan showed up and started to sperging out. Then he was banned and a Sweball appeared, quipped at Hungarians and pretended he doesn't know this Bogdan person despite his well known shitposter status.