Bernd 09/14/2019 (Sat) 16:10:59 No.29109 del
Manshaus was Waldorf schooled. Those guys care about the children personality, ego, wishes and opinions, they grew them so the kids will believe themselves. This explains Manshaus unwarranted self-importance being a chosen one and has the right to choose others and believes he can change shit with shooting up a mosque.
Swebernd's chase of Panama hats was for himself. He didn't want that as a good representation of Sweden and Sweballs but because he liked it personally, for selfish reasons.

I started to like Varg. Just the mentioning of his name creates a shitstorm on Kohl. How one person can make a large chunk of Bernds butthurt it's amazing. Him and Lindybeige. These two guys are great.